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Women’s Tennis Team falls to Lagrange 9-0

Posted by on Mar 29, 2017 in Feature Slider, Sports | 0 comments

The Maryville College Women’s Tennis Team faced off against the Lagrange College Panthers over Spring Break on March 26 in their first home match of the season. The Scots fell to the Panthers 9-0 on home court, in the second match against Lagrange of the season, this time for conference play. The women took to the courts for doubles play at 11:00 p.m. on that sunny spring morning. LaGrange took an early lead using the doubles to their advantage by taking all three courts. At no. 1 doubles, Jenna Eppes and Elizabeth Knott (LCW) defeated Savannah Bain and Carter Dickinson (MC) 8-0. At No. 3 doubles, Jia Lee and Carli Jones (LC) defeated McKennah Francis and Joyce Coling (MC) 8-3. At no. 2 doubles, Liz Minick and Denney Meigs (LC) defeated Katie Stephens and Tessa Wilcox (MC) 8-3. The...

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Alternative Spring Break: 180 mile bike trip

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All photos are courtesy of Caitlyn Hogg.

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The Liberating Arts: You are a weirdo

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You are a weirdo. You talk, read, write, dress, sing, dance, socialize, move, pray, eat, drink, sleep differently than almost everyone who has ever lived on earth. You look, sound and smell funny too. The good news is that you’re not alone. In fact, being a weirdo is part of what it means to be a person in the twenty-first century. The bad news is that most people don’t know they’re weirdos. That’s where studying world history gives you a real advantage over all the other weirdos. First of all, when you study world history—or world politics, culture, economics, art, music, religion, human ecology, etc.—you figure out very quickly that your home is very different from most everyone else’s homes. We live in a world with 7.3 billion people in it, and the U.S. population is a mere 324...

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I Dream in Pixels: Mario Kart is for lovers

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“I will see you hanged!” I shouted in a fit of laughter as she ran me off the road. Let me set the scene for you. The weather is gorgeous—or at least what we can see of it from my dorm room. We are sitting close on a worn out couch, each clutching our controller of choice: hers a Wii remote fashioned into a faux steering wheel, mine a beloved Gamecube controller that has survived since my 13th birthday. We are staring intensely at the TV, hurling insults back and forth like a game of expletive hot potato. “Mario Kart” might be on the screen, but the real game is taking place between us, arising like a dust cloud as we fill the air with obscenities yet find ourselves moving closer. The tension increases with each shell thrown and banana...

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A Bill Signed with Love

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In November of 2016, two Maryville College students participating in the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature’s General Assembly (TISL) crafted a bill that is being considered by Tennessee state legislators. This bill, created by Molly Ridgeway ’18, TISL education lobbyist, and Joshua Anderson ’18, TISL senator, would advocate for the Tennessee State Board of education to implement American Sign Language curriculum as a course to satisfy foreign language requirements in Tennessee schools. What started off as a mock legislature exercise has turned into a real legislature opportunity of a lifetime created from intelligence, love and a strong need for the needs of the deaf community to be recognized. During the fall semester of 2016, MC TISL students looked to create and advocate for a bill in a mock legislature session. Over the course of the TISL assembly, the sign language...

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