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New Mural on Court Street

Posted by on Nov 22, 2017 in Features, Perspectives | 0 comments

A new mural of comic book superheroes has been painted on a wall directly across the street from campus at the comic book shop The Golden Age, 1942. At the foreground, the mural features several superheroes from different comics, many of which are easily recognizable. The background is a landscape with fields, mountains and a big blue sky. All in all, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it except for the fact that it is new. Some people have stated their displeasure over the addition with the argument that it is disrespectful to the veteran’s memorial across the way or that it doesn’t belong and isn’t fitting for the area. Rachel Resciniti, a senior at Maryville College, thinks otherwise. “I think it adds some much needed color to the area and will help to attract customers to a...

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Maryville College professor runs for State House

Posted by on Nov 22, 2017 in News | 0 comments

Dr. Jay Clark, Adjunct Professor of Biology at Maryville College, recently launched his election campaign for state representative of the 8th district of Tennessee in the 2018 election. He is currently unopposed running on the Democratic party ticket while the Republican ticket already holds five people jockeying to be the candidate for their party. Clark held a small meeting in the Center for Campus Ministry at Maryville College on Thursday in which a few students and other supporters came out to meet him and learn his positions on various issues that a voter may deem important. In regards to healthcare, he supported Insure Tennessee, a bill which would’ve expanded healthcare to several thousand uninsured Tennesseans, which didn’t pass the state legislature. Clark says that healthcare should be a right for all Americans. In terms of education, he said that...

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The Golden Age?

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The 20-minute walk from Beeson Village to downtown Maryville is an uneventful stretch made    tolerable by the occasional greetings of friends passing by and the catcalls of strangers shouted from grimy truck windows. I pick up trash as I go, challenging myself to find more than enough to hold in  a hand. I make my own excitement by seeing if I can    sneak my findings into someone’s recycling bin before someone calls me out on it. The first 10 minutes of this journey are made more interesting by the bright splashes of color that pop out once you clear the residential area near the college. The exterior wall of “The Golden Age” that keeps the building level in this hilly hell of a small town now presents the images of various heroes from the ‘50s, the poster...

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Miles to go before I sleep: a reflection of the 2017 cross country season

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Cross country takes place at an interesting time of year. We begin our season by running with minimal clothing and conclude our season in layers. “Season” is an interesting term in the running community. Traditionally, winter is the indoor track season, followed by outdoor track in the spring. Because Maryville College does not have a track team, spring means speed to prepare the runner for the next six months. Summer means heavy mileage for building the stamina and endurance to make us faster than before. At last, fall arrives. Cross country season is here. With the joys of longer runs to zone out, the cross-country athlete must also endure sustained fast-pace miles embedded in interval and tempo workouts. Like all sports, cross country athletes spend time conditioning, which takes its form in both running and weight training. Six days...

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Butch Jones fired!

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The University of Tennessee (UT) football program was built brick by brick over the past years. As of Sunday, Nov. 12, the bricks came tumbling down as Butch Jones was fired after a loss to Missouri (50-17) that Saturday. Jones came to UT with high hopes of leading the team to a few winning seasons and a couple of bowl games. There are mixed emotions in the locker room. Some athletes feel as if Butch Jones was what the program needed and others less so. There is a picture of senior tight end Jakob Johnson and Butch Jones on Instagram that simply is captioned, “Respect.” This is a good sign, considering the hard feelings that were harbored after some coaches left the university in the past. Other players like Khalil Mckenzie are frustrated with the results. “It feels bad...

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