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On-campus 5k: a cold way to start your new year

Posted by on Jan 24, 2018 in Feature Slider, Sports | 0 comments

What a better way to start off the school year than with a freezing race through the Maryville College woods? While there are far warmer and more comfortable ways to spend a Sunday afternoon, several Maryville College students and faculty choose to brave the cold and lace up their running shoes. On Sunday, Jan. 14 the Knoxville Track Club hosted their kickoff for their Trail Racing Series in the Maryville College woods. Brisk temperatures of less than 30 degrees with an even colder wind chill threatened low entry numbers, but the Wanderer’s Trail Race still had a good turnout of 193 runners. Winding around the school’s trails and fields, the 5k consisted of frozen patches of mud, iced-over bridges and plenty of runny noses as the runners made their way from start to finish. Erin Dupes, a senior cross...

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“Lady Bird” Review

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“Lady Bird” is a film of surprising human brilliance and humble means. Set in Sacramento, California, “Lady Bird” follows the story of Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, a high school senior who is going through the last throes of adolescence before she embarks on her journey to college. Refusing to use her real name, the self-dubbed Lady Bird is determined to create her own path and to find a way out of Sacramento. Moreover, Lady Bird wants to get away from her overbearing and judgmental mother, a character whose relationship with Lady Bird is the focal point of the story. In many ways, Lady Bird appears as the typical, rebellious teenage girl. She hates her hometown for its parochial banality, and she longs to move away and attend college somewhere “where culture is.” The movie starts with Lady Bird throwing...

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Students create new opportunities on campus

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One of the perks of attending a liberal arts college is that students have more control over opportunities that happen on campus.  From continuing athletics outside of the college’s varsity sports, to job opportunities, to creating new clubs and organizations, Maryville students continuously find ways to pursue their passions. Take myself for example.  I started track and field my junior year of high school and immediately fell in love.  I started running to lose weight and decided that competing in the sport would motivate me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   When choosing colleges, I knew I wanted to continue running. I was thankful that I could still compete in college, although I’m only recognized as being a cross country runner because Maryville doesn’t have an full-fledged track team.  For my own fitness, I knew that track best complemented...

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MC Basketball Scoreboard

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January Men’s Results Wed. Jan 3 against Covenant…. W 95-59 Sat. Jan 6 against NC Wesleyan ….W 69-61 Sun Jan 7 against Ferrum……W 90-58 Sat Jan 13 against Methodist…..W 87-75 Sun Jan 14 against Greensboro…. W 90-75 Thurs Jan 18 against Brevard…. L 79-78 Sat Jan 20 against Averett…. W 80-70 Sun Jan 21 against Pfeiffer…. W 84-59 January Women’s Results Tues Jan 2 against Covenant…. W 65-49 Sat Jan 6 against Wesleyan…. W 72-43 Sun Jan 7 against Piedmont…… W 57-54 Tue Jan 9 against Berea….. L 75-74 Fri Jan 12 against LaGrange…..W 74-60 Sat Jan 13 against Huntington ….. W 73-62 Thurs Jan 18 against Covenant….. W 79-61...

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Riding the Liverpool Express

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In the old part of downtown Church Hill, Tennessee, I can be found among a sea of elderly ladies sorting through a mix of clothing and who-knows-what-else. The thrift store in which I work runs exclusively on donations and mostly volunteer workers, though I am lucky enough to occupy one of the paid positions. Every time a truck with a mounded truck bed backs into our parking lot, I hear the voice of Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars in my head saying, “You never know what is going to come through that door.” When inquiring customers come inside to ask what kind of donations we accept, several of the elderly volunteers used to quote the well-known phrase, “everything but the kitchen sink.” This catch phrase was conveniently changed when the store actually received a donated kitchen sink. In my...

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