Alaska’s Fiddling Poet Visits Maryville College

Ken Waldmen, better known as Alaska’s Fiddling Poet, visited Maryville College earlier this week, performing for students and professors while also talking about the struggles he faces managing and performing his art.

Waldmen has several published books, including a memoir talking about his life as an entertainer and manager while also delving into his life in Alaska. Originally studying business, Waldmen picked up the fiddle when he was 25 years old and poetry at 30. Since then, he has written many poems about a wide variety of topics, from a plane crash he survived near Nome, Alaska to teaching students over the telephone.

Waldmen also said that he has 8 other books that could potentially be published, from anthologies to even a novel.

The poet will be performing at the Clayton Center for the Arts February 6th in the Lambert Recital Hall at 7PM. Viewers should anticipate poems and tunes that range from dealing with sickness to spending a week in Eek, Alaska.

Visit the Highland Echo afterwards for our review of the event.

One thought on “Alaska’s Fiddling Poet Visits Maryville College

  • February 6, 2015 at 9:00 am

    If you could get her to perform on the top of the Clayton Center, you could bill her as “the fiddler on the roof.” 🙂


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