Andrea Beeler Rocks Out

Andrea Beeler has been able to meet many artists and band over the years. Pictured above is her holding some of the album covers she was able to get the artists to sign. Photo by Haleigh Smith.
Andrea Beeler has been able to meet many artists and bands over the years. Pictured above is her holding some of the album covers she was able to get the artists to sign. Photo by Haleigh Smith.

     Andrea Beeler, a senior management major at Maryville College, has been to around 30 concerts in her life. At many of these concerts, she has even been able to meet the artists.

    Beeler wants to go into the music industry after graduation with the end goal of becoming a tour manager. Going to all of these shows has given her first hand experiences of what it is like at concerts and what is going on behind the scenes.

    Her first concert was when she was seven years old. She saw N’SYNC. This was her first taste of concerts and she wanted to experience even more.

    Since her first concert she has seen and met many artists multiple times. She has mainly attended country concerts but has gone to some rock shows as well.

    Her favorite country artist is Luke Bryan. She went to one of Luke’s concerts in Greenback, Tenn. and was even able to meet him. She received her meet and greet passes for this show by being a part of his fan club. People were selected from the fan club to meet him, and she was one of the lucky ones.

    Other country artists she has been able to meet at concerts include Cole Swindell and Dustin Lynch. One thing that both of these artists and Luke Bryan did that she really enjoyed was that they covered songs. Swindell covered popular ‘90s songs, while Lynch covered Garth Brooks songs and Bryan covered current pop hits.

    Beeler says that being a part of artists’ fan clubs is the best way to get to meet someone. Most times you can become a part of the club for free or for a small charge. Another way Beeler meets people is by waiting by their tour bus after a show.

    The most recent show she attend was the Shinedown show in Knoxville. She was able to meet them also. When she met them she gave their guitarist, Zach Myers, cupcakes and a card because his birthday was that week.

    “I have noticed that artists appreciate gifts from fans if the artist or one of the band member’s birthday is either on a show date or right around a show date,” said Beeler.

    Another thing Beeler loves about going to concerts is the people she has been able to meet while at the shows. She said that she has met some of her best friends while in line at meet and greets.

    Beeler now attends shows with the people she met at previous concerts. One of her now closes friendships was made at a show. It turns out that they live really close to each other to, but would not have met if it was not for the concert.

    The next concert Beeler will be attending is Cole Swindell, who she has already seen live and meet on multiple occasions. Despite Beeler’s extensive concert experiences, there are many artists she still hopes to see in concert and to meet. Some of the artists who made her list are Garth Brooks, 3 Doors Down, Maroon 5 and Nickleback.


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