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President Bogart responds to DACA News

Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Features | 0 comments

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was an executive order signed by President Barack Obama in 2012. The program served as a way for minors who were brought into the country without their choice to receive deferred action on their status for a renewable period of two years. There are nearly 800,000 beneficiaries of the program, and roughly 8,000 of them live in Tennessee. The future of DACA has recently been called into question by President Donald Trump. In an effort to make the college’s position clear, Maryville College President Tom Bogart released a memo to preempt the recent announcement that DACA would be rescinded. “We believe ending the DACA program would have a negative impact on our campus community,” Bogart said in the memo. “ If a decision is made to rescind DACA, we will advocate for a...

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Beau Branton named president of SGA

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Feature Slider, News | 0 comments

Maryville College has elected a new body for the Student Government Association next year, with Beau Branton as Student Body President. Branton was happy to sit down for an interview where we discussed the direction he wants to take the Student Government Association next year. “It feels good, I’m excited to get to work next year, Jacob and I are excited to represent the student body and are enthusiastic about the year to come.” said Branton. Anyone else in his position would be excited as well to improve campus life and leave a mark on Maryville College. Beau continued and discussed his thoughts on the new governing body. “We’re all very experienced as of right now, until we vote in freshmen next year, but everyone who has been reelected has served in the body before and will hopefully allow...

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How “13 Reasons Why” missed the mark on suicide prevention

Posted by on May 10, 2017 in Arts/Entertainment | 0 comments

“13 Reasons Why” has captured the hearts and minds of young people around the nation and sparked serious conversation about the realities of teen suicide and the act of suicide in general. Since it first became popular, however, it has faced a lot of backlash from mental health professionals about the way it portrays the very real and very heartbreaking act of teen suicide. The show for the most part follows the typical conventions of modern Young Adult literature (as the show was based off of a novel of the same name) and centers on the stereotypically brooding Clay Jensen and how he deals with the suicide of his friend and former co-worker, Hannah Baker. The process is complicated further when he learns that Hannah left 13 cassette tapes outlining the aforementioned 13 reasons why she killed herself. The...

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New major and minors offered for Fall 2017

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in News | 0 comments

New majors and minors are being offered at Maryville College starting in the Fall of 2017. In total one new major, two new minors and a youth ministry course will be offered next semester. The new major will be in outdoor studies and tourism due to students’ rising interest in the outdoor industry. The major will replace the current outdoor recreation major offered at the college. Dr. Traci Haydu, chair of the Education Division, cited the college’s close proximity to various historical landmarks and state parks, including the Smoky Mountains. The major hopes to prepare students in the fields of tourism and park management and other related subjects with a high regard for the natural environment itself. The gender and women’s studies (GWS) minor is new to the college and was spearheaded by Dr. Frances Henderson. Henderson proposed the...

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Bridge to Terabithia author to visit MC

Posted by on Apr 12, 2017 in Features | 0 comments

Renowned author of children’s and young adult books, Katherine Paterson will be coming to the area in April for “Terabithia and Beyond: Celebrating the Life and Work of Katherine Paterson.” Paterson has written numerous decorated and widely read books, including two Newbery Medal winning tales, “Bridge to Terabithia” in 1978, and “Jacob Have I Loved” in 1981. Paterson has received the National Book Award twice: in 1977 for ‘The Master Puppeteer,” and in 1979 for “The Great Gilly Hopkins.” Paterson also received the Hans Christian Andersen award in 1998, was named a Living Legend by the Library of Congress in 2000, and received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2006. Instrumental in bringing Paterson to the area was the Rev. Dr. Anne McKee, campus minister at Maryville College and a longtime fan of Paterson’s work. McKee said one of...

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