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Home for the holidays

Posted by on Dec 6, 2017 in Features, Perspectives | 0 comments

Holidays in the Andrews-Willis family come with a lot of laughing, crying and many games. There are two big holidays that we come together and celebrate every year: Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mother’s side of the family brings home at least 100 people for the holidays. Most of the time it is so huge that we have to rent out the church and have family dinner there. My family seems to just invade the whole city of Knoxville during these times. During Thanksgiving, everyone is in charge of something. My aunt is in charge of the collard greens. The queen of the household is in charge of the deviled eggs. My other aunt is in charge of the mac and cheese. As you can probably picture, this is supposed to be the best dinner of your natural born life,...

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Butch Jones fired!

Posted by on Nov 22, 2017 in Sports | 0 comments

The University of Tennessee (UT) football program was built brick by brick over the past years. As of Sunday, Nov. 12, the bricks came tumbling down as Butch Jones was fired after a loss to Missouri (50-17) that Saturday. Jones came to UT with high hopes of leading the team to a few winning seasons and a couple of bowl games. There are mixed emotions in the locker room. Some athletes feel as if Butch Jones was what the program needed and others less so. There is a picture of senior tight end Jakob Johnson and Butch Jones on Instagram that simply is captioned, “Respect.” This is a good sign, considering the hard feelings that were harbored after some coaches left the university in the past. Other players like Khalil Mckenzie are frustrated with the results. “It feels bad...

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2017 Maryville College alumni award recipients

Posted by on Nov 8, 2017 in Feature Slider, News | 0 comments

In October, Maryville College students and alumni gathered for the annual homecoming festivities. The weekend was filled with family, entertainment and sports. There were two ceremonies that were held for alumni and students that highlighted people who have shown the spirit of Kin Takahashi and tremendous efforts in contributing to the success of the Maryville College campus. The two ceremonies were the 2017 Alumni Awards and the 2017 Wall of Fame Induction ceremony. The 2017 Alumni Awards ceremony was held Oct. 21 in the Clayton Center for the Arts’ Harold and Jean Lambert Recital Hall. The College’s Alumni Citation was presented to Richard Henderson ’57 and Melissa Barker Johnson ’90, and Shaun Hayes ’06. They received the Kin Takahashi Award for Young Alumni. Richard Henderson spent almost 50 years in Dermatology. He has shown tremendous leadership and the will to help others. He has...

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MC student interns at Lil Uzi Vert concert

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017 in Arts/Entertainment | 0 comments

On Sept. 23, at 7:00 p.m., I was honored to have been invited to work at the Lil Uzi Vert concert. The night was intense, and the crowd anxiously waited for the platinum-selling artist to come and perform his signature songs. Lil Uzi Vert is one of the most influential rappers in the culture today. He is known by some of his most popular songs such as “XO Tour Life,” “Money Longer,” “Too Much Sauce” and much more. The 23-year-old rapper decided to stop in Knoxville for his tour. Three days before the concert, I received a phone call from Chose Gang DJ: IB John Doe. He’s from the city of Memphis and very popular in the music business. He got his start over four years ago being a DJ for events at the University of Tennessee. The experience...

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Maryville students hurt by Harvey

Posted by on Sep 27, 2017 in Feature Slider, Features | 0 comments

At the end of August, the country received word that Hurricane Harvey would travel up the coast and hit major cities in the United States. When it eventually touched land, Hurricane Harvey reached many areas, but the one that was most affected was Houston, TX. The category five hurricane caused a flood that is said to be a 500-year flood, or a one in 500 chance that it was supposed to be that bad. Many people were devastated due to the amount of damage, and many people lost their homes. What hit home for the Maryville community is the fact that the hurricane touched some of the families here on campus. Students were hurt from their losses, and many students lost possessions that they can never get back. Danaus Ferguson, a Maryville College student who is originally from the...

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