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Seeking Nominations for the Spirit of the Covenant Award

Posted by on Mar 28, 2018 in Features | 0 comments

In 2002, The Keepers of the Covenant decided to develop awards called Spirit of the Covenant Awards, which serve to recognize individual members of the Maryville College community who embody the spirit of the principles of the MC Covenant. These individuals serve as models to us all in the manner in which they live their lives.   The Keepers of the Covenant present these awards with the hope that the recipients will inspire more of us to be respectful of others, to live lives of integrity and to focus our energies to pursue learning through scholarship.   At the Leadership Awards Ceremony, around three to five recipients are chosen who embody the spirit and principles of the three pillars of the Covenant: Scholarship, Respect and Integrity. The recipients can be MC students, faculty or staff. The recipients of last...

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Perspectives On Integrity

Posted by on Mar 7, 2018 in Features | 0 comments

The Keepers of the Covenant are a coalition of faculty, staff and students who aim to uphold the three tenants of the Maryville College Covenant: Scholarship, Respect and Integrity. Twenty eight years ago, the students of Maryville College adopted these ideals in order to strengthen and affirm the College community. The goal of the Keepers is to keep these ideals at the forefront of our lives. When students sign the Covenant during their freshman year, they are making a lifelong pledge to pursue knowledge, treat everyone with dignity and be trustworthy in all relationships. In our article series on these ideals, the third and final tenant of the covenant is integrity. Our covenant states that “we commit ourselves to truth, honesty, dependability, and responsibility in all our actions and relationships.” Our campus community holds itself accountable for each other’s...

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Perspectives on Respect

Posted by on Feb 21, 2018 in Feature Slider, Features | 0 comments

The Keepers of the Covenant seek to promote awareness and conversation in regards to the Maryville College covenant and its three tenants: Scholarship, Respect and Integrity. Through internal dialogue (on a personal and community level), we hope to ensure that we are aware of and living out the covenant in our daily lives. More than words in stone or on paper, the covenant is an expectation of the way in which members of our community should live. Our second installment of this article series promoting the covenant centers itself around the second tenant: Respect. Our covenant says the following on respect: “We commit ourselves to honor the worth, dignity, and freedom of ourselves and all creation, and to treat others as we wish to be treated.” At Maryville College, students sign to uphold the golden rule as they go...

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