Beau Branton named president of SGA

Beau named Maryville College Student Body President for 2017-2018. Photo by Jacob Williams.
Beau named Maryville College Student Body President for 2017-2018. Photo by Jacob Williams.

Maryville College has elected a new body for the Student Government Association next year, with Beau Branton as Student Body President. Branton was happy to sit down for an interview where we discussed the direction he wants to take the Student Government Association next year.

“It feels good, I’m excited to get to work next year, Jacob and I are excited to represent the student body and are enthusiastic about the year to come.” said Branton.

Anyone else in his position would be excited as well to improve campus life and leave a mark on Maryville College. Beau continued and discussed his thoughts on the new governing body. “We’re all very experienced as of right now, until we vote in freshmen next year, but everyone who has been reelected has served in the body before and will hopefully allow us to get more things done knowing the process,” said Branton.

The way the SGA operates, via Robert’s Rules of Order, requires knowledge of parliamentary procedure and civil dialogue in order to function. Having even a mostly experienced governing body will be a major advantage to next year’s SGA deliberations. Branton has plans for new committees next year as well, including an Environmental Ad-hoc Committee that will be ran by Katelyn Moates.

“It will ensure that Maryville College will be as sustainable as possible and will continue environmental efforts already in place,” said Branton.

There will also be a Minority Committee with the goal of making sure that minorities are represented and treated fairly on this campus.

“Another thing we’re looking forward to next semester, is that over the summer the fitness center on the 2nd floor of Bartlett will be moving from the second floor down to the first floor in room 102/103,” said Branton. “This allows us to purchase more equipment without having to worry about the weight limit of the second floor.”

These are certainly wonderful additions to the governing body and campus at large, but one important conversation that Branton is considering bringing up again is making Maryville College smoke free.

Making the college smoke free is not a new idea, and the debate was had a few years ago. The then-governing body polled the campus and researched the idea, but they were met with a near-exact 50/50 split on the issue. The body chose not to act further on the issue with such a contested split. Branton believes that it’s an issue worth at least talking about it, and only time will tell if Maryville College will go smoke free.

Branton also has high opinions of the new Dean.

“From what I can tell, her and I have the same type of personality, and I’m excited to work with her in that respect…we’re both type A people,” said Branton. “At the fireside chat I was intrigued to learn that she was spunky and had good humor. I look forward to working with her.” Good working relationships with those above you are important for getting things done, and Branton recognizes that fact.

“Through hard work and working as a team, SGA will continue to uphold what makes Maryville College great,” said Branton. “I truly hope that everyone can see the value in us as an association in bettering the lives of students.”

Next year will surely bring changes to Maryville College, and with an experienced Student Government Association, those changes will come easier and faster.

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