Campus worship services to become a regular event

On May 3, the Center for Campus Ministry (CCM) hosted a campus worship service. The worship service is a student-run event that provide as an opportunity for students to come out and worship in a fun, laid-back environment.

Campus worship services have been held on MC campus for two years.

“We had two this semester within two months,” said Spencer Blanden, president of SGA.

The worship services are intended to be non-denominational in order to allow everyone who wants to participate the opportunity to worship on campus outside of chapel service.

The event was a collaborative effort from three religious groups on campus: Intervarsity, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Progressive Christian Community.

The group also invites other organizations, such as Voices of Praise, to attend the event. The campus worship services consist of people with instruments coming out leading everyone into worship.

According to Blanden, the group really wanted the services to be held in the CCM because that is a place that is dedicated to minister to students and it “seems fitting to have it there.”

Since MC is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, the group felt it was nice to have a place to go that reflects a religious background, and where they are free to worship.

According to freshman Cole Burns, those who attended the event were happy to have time set aside to worship.

“I think it’s a great way to fellowship and worship with other people of the same faith as you as well as a way to outreach to others in the community,” Burns said.

“This event was a group effort that would not have been possible had it not been for everyone working together and doing their part,” Blanden said. “A special thanks goes out to Cole Burns, Hannah Rector and Adam Loo for working extremely hard to make the campus worship nights a success.”

Next semester, Blanden said that the group plans to host more events.

“Our goal is to have it monthly, with a big and small event each month,” Blanden said.

Blanden said that he welcomes everyone to come out and join in worship.

One thought on “Campus worship services to become a regular event

  • May 17, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Don’t forget, we also have a weekly worship service in the CCM that is not becoming a regular event, but has always been a regular event! The Campus Ministry staff is very happy that more outlets for community worship are happening – but we also welcome all students, faculty, and staff to the weekly worship service at 1:15 every Tuesday in the CCM.


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