Class of 2014 looks for donations for senior gift

The annual tradition of the senior gift at MC guarantees a lasting legacy from each graduating class before it leaves Maryville’s campus for the world at large.

This year’s proposed gift is something that students beyond the senior class will be able to enjoy.

The gift is the completion of a full nine-hole disc golf course in the college woods. Original measures to expand the course from four to six holes were taken this year by Drs. Crain and Unger, along several other members of the campus community, with the ultimate goal of a full nine-hole course in the uncertain future.

However, with the help of the graduating class of 2014, this goal will be a reality far earlier than expected. The initial purpose of the disc golf course, to promote outdoor recreation and stewardship of the college woods, is one that the seniors felt extremely deserving of their attention.

“We’re really excited about how this gift is so practical in so many different ways,” senior gift comittee member Josh Dickson said. “It really will make the MC campus a better place and give people a new way to enjoy the college woods, which I think is one of the coolest parts of this campus.”

To help achieve this goal, an anonymous alum has set forth a challenge.

If the class of 2014 can raise $2,500 by Friday, May 2, an additional $2,500 will be donated by this alum, putting the class’s gift well within reach. This means that a donation of only $20.14 each by 170 MC students will allow the disc golf course to be complete and the seniors’ legacy to live on.

“Ultimately, we wanted to give a gift where we could come back years from now and still see it being enjoyed by others. I think we definitely will accomplish that with this gift,” Dickson said. “Now, we just need to meet the challenged goal and make it a reality.”

Seniors wishing to help leave a lasting gift to the college may contact any member of the senior gift committee to make a donation. There is also a Facebook page titled “Maryville College Senior Gift: Class of 2014,” which has all donation information and a list of senior gift committee member names.
Seniors may also donate online or by visiting the Willard House.

For any further questions or information, students may contact Meghan Fagg, Josh Dickson or Hannah Fry.

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