Colors of Change

(photo by James Buckley)

As you exit your hall today, you may notice that your surroundings have changed. Maybe your feelings about the day have changed, as well.

Every year, Mother Nature reminds us of how small we really are. The drastic changes we witness in the natural world around us collide in a beautiful array of colors.

As you walk across the Maryville College campus, admire and take in all that surrounds you. The reds, yellows and different shades of browns and oranges will ignite the senses that you have been using since July.

The light jackets that have been hanging in your dorm room closet will be taken out soon, if they have not already. Class may just have to wait a second longer as you stop and admire a tree that’s red leaves catch your eye outside Willard House. Sometimes in a college setting, we all forget to stop and appreciate the creation that surrounds us.

This season always reminds us that change is the only thing that is permanent in life. In this case however, change is a welcome event. The colors that we see outside at MC are a beacon of serenity and grace.

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