Crimson Peak Strives for Thrilling and Horrifying Peaks

Actress Mia Wasikowska covered in blood stares solemnly into the camera in the opening scene of Crimson Peak. Photo from
Actress Mia Wasikowska covered in blood stares solemnly into the camera in the opening scene of Crimson Peak. Photo from

Guillermo Del Torro has a reputation for delivering visually striking films such as “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Hellboy II:  The Golden Army.” Torro did not disappoint with the fantasy world in his newest film “Crimson Peak.” Torro, director and screenwriter of Crimson Peak, created a world in which ghosts exist. But was it a  ghost story?

The beginning of the film takes place in Buffalo, New York from the perspective of Edith Cushing, played by Mia Wasikowska. Edith resides with her wealthy father in Buffalo, New York where she struggles to receive gratification for her writing. Edith is visited by the ghost of her late mother heeding this warning: “Do not go to Crimson Peak.”

Soon after this warning, Edith falls in love with British Baronet Thomas Sharpe, played by Tim Hiddleston. You probably know Huddleston as Loki from Marvel’s “Thor” and “Avengers” films.

Edith quickly abandons her life in Buffalo to accompany him and his creepy, twisted sister Lucille, played by Jessica Chastain, back to England. It is not until Edith arrives and is settled in that she discovers her new home is none other than “Crimson Peak.”

Edith quickly encounters unfamiliar ghosts at “Crimson Peak” and realizes that she has made a mistake and put herself in danger. The big question is, what or whom makes her stay?

“Crimson Peak” was a very interesting film. While there were ghosts in the film, I wouldn’t say that this was a film about ghosts but rather a film with ghosts in it. If you watch trailers online, you can see that there are ghosts featured in the movie.

However, after assessing the film and understanding that the ghosts played a role in the film, it was almost as if the ghosts weren’t absolutely necessary for the plot. The ghosts however, were necessary for the horror aspect of the film. Without the ghosts, I would have put the film in the genre of thriller rather than horror.

I have got to admit, I found the film predictable. At a certain point in the film, I found it easy to figure out where the story was going. I would find it hard to believe that viewer’s jaws would drop once they were hit with the so called plot twist.

If you manage to ignore the clues that the movie gives and refuse to make an attempt to figure out motives of the characters, then I suppose you could be hit with the plot twist like a big bag of bricks. Otherwise, this is one of those films you should be able to figure out about halfway through. But maybe I have just been watching too many movies like “Shutter Island” and “Fight Club” and am finally getting the hang of this.

While “Crimson Peak” was somewhat predictable, the film really did have a clever plotline. The concept of the film was unique and creative. While some of the motives of characters were twisted, all were believable and eventually made sense.

As stated before, the film was visually stimulating. The settings looked as if they were from a fairy tale. Most importantly, the movie had some scary moments! This wasn’t a movie that you would lie awake at night in fear after watching.

However, while watching the film, there were some terrifying and gut-wrenching scenes. The ghosts in the film were very disturbing and so real-looking that viewers literally feel uncomfortable when they appear.

There will be some moments in the film when you will want to look away from some horrifying images. Keep in mind, there is a small portion of this film that would fall into the slasher genre. None of the moments are too gory by horror movies standards today. However, there may be a moment or two that make you cringe.

“Crimson Peak” was a very enjoyable and unique horror film.  The film had a creative plot and provided a stimulating fantasy environment in which ghosts were truly terrifying.  I give the film two stars out of five. If you enjoy scary movies, I recommend you spend the money to see it in theaters. If you aren’t fond of horror flicks, I recommend you wait until it comes out so you can rent it.

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