Deadpool is the superhero movie fans have been waiting for

A Deadpool fan at a convention, with plenty of funny acces- sories to the costume including another convention goer’s My Little Pony backpack. Photo by Payton Pruitt.
A Deadpool fan at a convention, with plenty of funny accessories to the costume including another convention goer’s My Little Pony backpack. Photo by Payton Pruitt.

Marvel has been steadily rising in its production of superhero movies since the premiere of “X-men” back in 2000. Fans were excited and thrilled to see their favorite mutants fighting the villains on screen, and the studio got to work on making more. It was not until around the time Disney bought Marvel studios that the films really started to take off and branch out to the other heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Disney bought marvel in 2010 for an amount just over $4 billion, back when it had two big hits of “The Incredible Hulk” and “Iron Man.” Since then they have made movie after movie, all leading up to the big cross between them all in “The Avengers” in 2012. The movie series has been a huge success with profits in the billions since then.

One hero that people kept demanding, however, did not seem to be one that would be coming any time soon. The famed bad-mouthed badass Deadpool made his first showing in “X-men Origins” back in 2009 during the origin story of Wolverine.

At the time, he was played by Ryan Reynolds and seemed to be exactly what the fans hoped for. At the end, however, fans were sorely disappointed to see his mouth sewn shut leaving him without his trademark humor and fourth-wall breaking antics. Sadly, he was only there for the fight.

The Deadpool movie that was released on February 12, 2016 in the United States was the movie that every big Deadpool fan had been waiting for. It was the debut that Deadpool deserved. The crass humor, jokes directed at the audience and action make it close to impossible for viewers to look away from the screen.

The story is a little chopped up, considering the first scene you watch is of Deadpool going after a group of people in a big SUV with rather graphic scenes of him cutting, shooting, bashing, throwing, or just plain blowing up people inside.

After a minute, and a very funny credit rolling that says the movie stars “God’s Perfect Idiot” and was directed by “An Overpaid Tool” you hear Deadpool’s voice going into a classic 1980’s-era narration over a paused scene before starting to get into his origin story. Scenes are chopped up here and there until viewers are finally caught up with Deadpool’s tale and given the ending they were hoping for.

The movie is violent, with an overflow of sex jokes that help to boost its R rating. This was the first R-rating to ever be on a superhero movie in order to help let families know that it is not kid-friendly. However, the adult fans of Deadpool are thrilled to finally have the story of their favorite hero put up on the silver screen and given the violent, funny story that deserves to be told.

Fans of Deadpool are as numerous as they are devoted to Deadpool, any convention goer can tell you that no convention is complete without someone running around in a Deadpool costume in full character. These fans all support the anti-hero for his humor, his methods and his diversity among superheroes as one of the most well-known pansexuals in the Marvel universe.

For those that do not know, pansexual means that Deadpool is someone not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity so he loves men and women and everything in between.

Deadpool has the heart of the hero in that he fights for what is best, but he also has the knowledge to know that some people just never deserve redemption for what they have done. His attitude towards killing those who he feels deserve it make him an anti-hero, who also happens to have the fourth-wall awareness of his readers/viwers and hindsight humor to go with it.

This might be the reason that the movie is such a big hit. Deadpool’s fans find the humor relatable and the violence fitting for a guy that does whatever he wants simply because he believes it to be the best thing for the world, or at the very least for himself.

The movie has already gotten over $200 million as of February 23rd, and over $500 million worldwide, so I think it is safe to say that the studio made the right choice in giving Deadpool the movie he deserved rather than overthinking repercussions that might come with an R-rated superhero movie and never making it.

Deadpool is a great movie with plenty of laughs, eye-catching violence and actors that capture their characters perfectly. It is highly recommended that you see it at your earliest convenience while it is still in theaters.

A Deadpool fan and Slenderman dancing to Psy’s “Oppa Gag- nam Style.” Photo by Payton Pruitt.
A Deadpool fan and Slenderman dancing to Psy’s “Oppa Gagnam Style.” Photo by Payton Pruitt.

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