Disc golf: Not your normal round of golf in the college woods

A new addition to the Maryville College campus was installed at the beginning of the summer.

Back in the college woods, starting near the McArthur Pavilion, Dr. Drew Crain, professor of biology, Jared Crain, Dr. Dan Ross, assistant professor of mathematics, Ross’s twins and Dr. Dave Unger, assistant professor of biology, put in four disc golf baskets.

Funding for this course came from two different places:

Student government (SGA) provided the funds for two of the baskets, and Crain received a grant that helped fund the other two baskets.

These four baskets are a great start, because if you play the baskets from two different directions, then there are a total of eight holes.

Ross said that it is his hope that, as time goes on, the college can install one more basket, so they can have a complete nine holes.

To explain a little about the sport, disc golf isn’t played with a regular Frisbee. The discs used are heavier and designed to be thrown longer distances.

They can be purchased for cheaper prices at Play it Again Sports or Pluto’s in Knoxville.
Also, Ross has a few that he said he is willing to lend out. His future goal is to obtain a set in Cooper that students can check out to play with.

“Silence,” “concentration” and “seriousness” are often words associated with golf, but this is not the case with disc golf.

The mood is very relaxed. Oftentimes, players do not even keep score.

Ross said he couldn’t even tell you what his best score has been; because he said that he is “just out there to have fun.”

Sadly, though, he did admit that he hasn’t been able to land a hole-in-one just yet.
There is no set par for the course, but if one wanted to score a round, each basket should be played as a par 3.

A disc golf club is a definite possibly for the future, and if that happens then there may be an official score determined for the course.

Both Ross and Crain said they were incredibly excited about the course and what it will bring to the college.
“[It is a] great opportunity for students to be out enjoying the outdoors and having fun,” Ross said. “I hope everyone tries it out.”

Crain said he is personally thrilled about getting people out to the college woods because they are under-utilized.

“More than half of the Maryville College campus is the Maryville College woods,” Crain said. “This is one small effort to get students out into the woods, enjoying the beauty and benefits that the they have to offer.”
Ross and Crain play every Monday at 12 p.m. Both professors encouraged all to join.

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