Flyte’s church-like melodies make beautiful music

New British alternative band, Flyte, releases first studio album – Clair Scott

    The first song I heard from the album was entitled Faithless. It was playing in my record shop as I walked in that that morning. My first assumption, based on the structure and the vocals, was that it must have been a Beatles song that I had never heard before.  However, as I listening closer, I wondered if it could be a Wings song because of how intense the harmonies were.  However, my co-workers informed me that it was a band from the U.K. by the name of Flyte . I hate to compare a band to the Beatles, which could almost be considered musical blasphemy, but there is no denying that there is major influence from the Beatles.

     I immediately bought the album and have been listening to it for the past week both on my record player and on Spotify.  The album has its ups and downs from quiet moments to essences of an angelic choir.  It starts off with Faithless, which begins with an unexpected piano riff that ripples into a soft opening that then transitions into a powerful chorus from lead vocalist Will Taylor.  

    The next track, Victoria Falls, is more catchy and has a pop, alternative style.  With more of a mainstream sound, it doesnt draw as much attention to the bands incredible harmonies and vocals, unlike their cover of Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays, their closing track and my personal favorite.  Archie, Marry Me is simple and yet is such a powerful closer. The main focus is the hollowed harmonies that seem to be sung in the same church Archie” where is meant to be wed.  The vocals stand by themselves and are what really pushes the song to be such a successful cover.

    However the bands appreciation for hymn-like structure and harmonies can be heard throughout the album and in tracks such as in Cathy Come Home, which is the most popular song on the album.  Cathy Come Home has a structure similar to that of the Beach Boys, but with tastes of a more alternative guitar.  

    Flyte has been working on this album, entitled The Loved Ones, for over five years before it was released. They had been playing in smaller U.K. bars and even on the streets but now have a European tour in full swing.  

    Overall, for a first studio album, I believe that it is very successful in establishing a unique sound. I believe that this album will progress to become more mainstream-alternative, and will hopefully be successful enough for them to produce a second album.

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