International education week at Maryville College

International Education Week (IEW) is going to give the Maryville College community the chance to learn about the cultures of its international students  in a variety of exciting ways. While this article will give you an idea of what to expect, a complete schedule of events can be found in MC Today or on one of the many flyers around campus.

Before jumping into the particular events of IEW, readers may be wondering what exactly this week is all about. IEW is an annual, nationwide celebration of the benefits of international education, intercultural understanding, and cultural exchange worldwide. IEW was started in 2000 as a joint initiative between the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education.

One of the best ways to celebrate culture, of course, is through food. This is one of the elements that has always defined IEW at Maryville College. As usual, Pearsons Hall will honor IEW by cooking from recipes submitted by international students, domestic students and staff.

Each day is themed, and the week will kick off with Central and South American food. Tuesday will feature dishes from Asia and Wednesday is all about European cuisine. During this time, diners will find schnitzel, which is a German breaded pork dish, among other things. Thursday will feature a taste of Southeast Asia. The week will close out with a selection of African recipes, including ones from Cape Verde and Tunis. Each year, Maryville College very much enjoys this part of IEW!

Another annual favorite is the photo contest. The contest allows the Maryville College community (students, faculty, and staff) the chance to have their work displayed in Pearsons for the entirety of IEW. Fellow community members will be the judge of which photos stand out in each of four categories- nature, people, colors and coffee! Contest participants vie not only for the glory of winning, but also for prizes donated by local businesses.

Finally, the Global Citizenship Organization (GCO) will hold their fifth annual Love, Sex and Marriage panel. Each year, students from a whole new set of countries give us fresh perspectives on these topics.   

IEW 2017 will also include several entirely new events. On Nov. 14, GCO offers the Maryville College community a night of musical immersion with a performance the Austin East West African drumming group. The audience will even have the exciting opportunity to try their hand at the drums. After the performance, it will be time to dance! This dance workshop will be a mix between Zumba and the Cape Verdean dance Kizomba.

IEW 2017 will also include activities for those who prefer a more relaxed environment to learn about other cultures. On Monday, Nov. 13 at Pearsons, diners can sit at one of several “Language Tables” to learn greetings, how to say or write their name, cultural fun facts, or anything else they would like to know. Fluent speakers of Japanese, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian will be there to teach. Another more laidback option is a game night on Thursday Nov. 16 in the Proffitt Dining Room that will include Korean poker and mahjong.

Thanks to the help of several student clubs and organizations, IEW offers a variety of exciting events. Monday Nov. 13, SPB will host Persian comedian K-VON for an evening of fun and laughs. Tuesday Nov. 14, Peace and World Concerns will hold a discussion on immigration in the U.S. with comments from a professional immigration lawyer. Wednesday Nov. 15, LSA will show sports drama McFarland, USA. Thursday Nov. 16 will offer entirely different food for thought with an International Religions Panel hosted by the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Perspectives include that of an atheist from a Catholic country and that of a Buddhist from Southeast Asia.

IEW is an excellent opportunity to learn something new and to see the world from a different point of view. IEW 2017 promises to be a truly eye-opening affair.


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