Kindness is not only a virtue but a lifestyle

When put into motion on Nov. 13, 1998, World Kindness Day stated a purpose: “to highlight good deeds in the community and focus on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us.” 

World Kindness Day was launched after individuals from many nations, including Thailand, Australia and the United States, met in Tokyo in 1997 with the mission to dedicate more time to “build a kinder and more compassionate world.” It is our job to seek out the success of that statement. 

The creation of World Kindness Day raises the following question: why do we need a reason to tell others to be nice? Choosing to be kind sounds easy, but honestly, I ask of you to try to be genuinely and intentionally kind for a whole day and then ask that question. 

One of the focal points of this day—something that is often ignored in everyday life—lies in the power of being kind to yourself and the impact we can create globally by simply being proud to be ourselves. It’s not often taken into account that being kind to yourself will improve society, and that thinking is one reason why a day dedicated to kindness is important. 

World Kindness Day serves as a reminder that a lot of things bring society together, but being intentionally kind can create a deeper bond between all of us. Having multiple countries declare that the whole world should think a little extra about their actions towards their neighbors shows that it should not be a completely foreign concept to be nice. 

Through a lifestyle of positivity, when being genuinely kind to anyone, language is not an issue. There are many barriers we create in our own minds to stop us from connecting with other cultures, but the fact is kindness is universal. It is never too hard to be kind.

On the website, there opportunity to share moments of intentional kindness and earn rewards for the chance of receiving free merchandise. Changing currency from dollars to acts of kindness is one way to change the world. 

Being a part of the kindness crew helps keep individuals accountable for being intentionally kind. Actively seeking small or big acts of kindness takes away the opportunity for negative thoughts to consume our minds. 

Being a part of the crew can also work to boost optimism by tracking others’ acts of kindness. It shows that generalizations that the world is depleting may not be entirely true. They also provide suggestions to start spreading kindness such as donating to a local school, sending letters to soldiers overseas and others that are as simple as engaging in a conversation with someone new. 

10% of the profit from their merchandise purchased goes towards Kindness for Kids, a program that teaches children the importance of being kind and examples of doing so. We have come to a point in society where we feel the need to pay others to teach children what should be an important aspect in their lives. 

This program helps provide hope for the next generation. Not only does it help mood improvement, but the health benefits of being kind create a bigger desire to be more active throughout the day as well. 

The website also provides the opportunity for anyone to join an affiliate marketing program to help promote kindness consistently. Being a part of their marketing team takes no experience. They ask for you to become a positive role model while bringing in some sales—not a bad gig. 

Showing kindness through the clothes we wear is not new idea but being a walking reminder might just be what someone needs to see on any given day and is a simple way to invest in improving society a little at a time. 

It does not take much to improve someone’s day, so why not start by breaking barriers with kindness?

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