Layering: how to stay warm without looking like the abominable snowman


It is unfortunately that time of year again: winter. It is difficult to stay stylish in
this weather, but I have a solution. One of my favorite ways to stay warm during the
colder months is the technique known as layering.

Layering is most effective when using light, thin layers. Otherwise, you might end
up looking like Ralphie’s little brother from “A Christmas Story.” Another important
thing to remember when layering is to always define your waist. This step is
absolutely crucial. When adding layers of clothes, it’s always important to draw the
eye back in to the narrowest part of your body (your waist).

The following items are some of my must-have pieces for layering: tights/
leggings, cardigans and fun winter accessories.

First up, we have tights and/or leggings. Whether you pick tights or leggings
mostly depends on your personal cold tolerance and the weather. Adding tights
and/or leggings under a dress is a great way to give that summer dress extra life in
the colder months. This also works great for skirts.

Another recent trend that I love is wearing tights with heavy winter shorts (think
tweed or leather). If you are more daring, some celebs have been rocking denim
micro-shorts with black tights. And don’t just limit yourself to traditional black
opaque tights, try some with cool patterns and even different colors, too.

Next, one of my all-time favorite clothing essentials is the cardigan. I live in
cardigans most of the year as I have a tendency to be cold, and these things are just
so easy to carry around. Cardigans are absolutely essential for winter layering as
they are light, come in a variety of colors and patterns, and instantly chic up any

If you don’t own a cardigan, I highly suggest you pick up a couple. In addition to
being a gift from the layering gods, the cardigan is great for occasions where you
need to look professional.

Finally, the last element you need for layering in the winter is accessories. Belts
are great for drawing the eye to the narrowest part of you and look fantastic over
cardigans. Scarves are also great accessories that do double duty in keeping you
warm and framing your face.

As you are getting ready for class, instead of just throwing on the biggest, puffiest
coat you can find, try out layering and a lighter jacket. Layering is a great way to get
extra mileage out of your closet, and you look amazing doing it.


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