Maryville College sends TISL representatives

(left to right) Brooke Stallsmith, Sarah Gregory, Joshua Anderson, Molly Ridgeway, Jacob Williams, Ciara Humphrey, Beau Branton, Carson Clark, Nichole Kitts – courtesy of Molly Ridgeway

Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL) has been one of Maryville College’s up-and-coming annual events. Students participate in Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge (AMC3),  the Legislature, Lobbying, and media, where they compete with colleges and universities from all across Tennessee. Maryville’s AMC3 team included students Jacob Williams, Ciara Humphrey, Beau Branton and Carson Clark. The legislature participants were Josh Anderson as Chief Clerk of Senate and Tristan Leslie as a Senator. I was the lobbying CEO for the Disability and Diversity firm. Nichole Kitts was involved in Media.

Law is something that’s always been interesting to me as a potential career choice, so I decided it’d be worth it to see if it was still something I was interested in after doing a ‘trial run,’” Ciara Humphrey said. TISL is a good way to find out whether or not you are interested in law or politics.

In AMC3, each school’s competes with another in a mock trial, and they are judged by the TISL group.

“TISL has solidified my interests in pursuing a career in law and hopefully serving as an elected official in Tennessee State Government,” Joshua Anderson said. “TISL has made these dreams into a reality, and made me realize that even as a citizen I can make a difference.” While in the legislature, Anderson helped with parliamentary procedures like how the real government operates on a daily basis.

Yet, some students like myself, a child development with teacher licensure major, participate to use my passion for helping people with disabilities. I find that college students can make a huge impact in society with TISL.

“Networking is probably the biggest ‘real world’ advantage TISL has given me… TISL has given me the opportunity to become acquainted with Judge Neal McBrayer.” said Humphrey.

TISL’s foundation is bedded in meeting different college students and some elected officials. In some cases, it can develop skills of working together like lobbying and being in the legislature.

It has given me hands-on experience with material that has both bettered my school and work environment based on experience alone,” Jacob Williams said. One day, it is likely that some of the Maryville College students will be working with other college students that they have met at TISL.

Maryville did bring home some victories, as I won the best lobbying CEO at TISL, and Jacob Williams was appointed as a Justice of the Tennessee Intercollegiate Supreme Court for 2018.

“My experience at MC would not be as rewarding as it is without TISL,” Williams said.


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