Maryville College’s Women’s Basketball season ends full of victories

The spring semester is an exciting time for college students across the nation. From preparation for spring sports seasons to graduation, the spring semester provides students with excitement as the summer is in reach.

Although the spring semester of 2021 has been unpredictable due to a worldwide pandemic, the opportunities have still been full of excitement and success. The Maryville College Women’s basketball team displays what true success looks like after a season full of triumph and achievement. 

The team began the season with an exciting win against Huntingdon with a final score of 90-71. Throughout the season, the Lady Scots had consistent victories with an overall season score of 12-2. 

With only two losses that were “down to the wire,” the Lady Scots experienced a successful season full of memories, team-building, and ambition. As the season ends and hopes for the next season are beginning to be imagined, it is beneficial to summarize the highlights of the past season. 

When head coach Darrin Travillian was asked what is one word he would use to describe this past season, Travillian replied with “determined.” Even more than this, Travillian pointed out that “flexible” would be a close second word to describe the season. 

 “As a group, we knew that every day we stepped on the floor was a gift,” Travillian said, “I don’t think as players and coaches that we ever had such a keen realization of just how lucky we were to do this until this season.” 

The MC Women’s basketball team smiles for a selfie after taking home the championship trophy. 
Photo Courtesy of MC Communications.

Although the season was not always easy, the Lady Scots progressed and as senior Elsa Eckenrod explained, the season could be described as “adversative.” With adversity comes growth, and with growth comes success which the Lady Scots display as a whole.

The season was full of memories and moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Similarly, both senior Eckenrod and freshman Jordan Heifner described the season as “cherishable” and “memorable.”

As the season is full of memories, looking back on these memories is a great way to reflect with a smile. When asked what some favorite highlights of the season were, Eckenrod explained the excitement of travelling as a team. 

“Road trips are always my favorite part of the season, and because we did not have that many this year, it made them all the more special,” Eckenrod said.

Not only is travelling an exciting experience and an opportunity for team building, but practice time is a time of bonding and growth, as well. 

“Warming up is always one of my favorites,” Heifner said. “We see the smiles on each other’s faces while we are getting warmed up. Feeling the intensity and adrenaline with your teammates is pure joy. Knowing you are about to play a game with some of your favorite people makes it even better.”

With an unpredictable season and fears that possible games could be postponed due to COVID-19, the Lady Scots pushed forward and did not lose the motivation and determination to continue and complete the season with a victory. After a huge win against Piedmont with a final score of 68-62, the Lady Scots ended their season with the honor to be named the champions of the USA South West Division Tournament. 

After a season full of hard work and grit, celebrating and reminiscing on the season is a must. When asked how the team was celebrating, one major way was the special item of a championship ring. 

 “We will start picking out our rings soon, but won’t get them for a while,” Eckenrod said. 

Celebrating a successful season is a great way to reflect and get excited for a new season, but as Eckenrod explained: “Celebrations will last only for a little while longer because our focus will redirect to next year.”

A new season is the opportunity for a fresh, new beginning. A new season means a new time for improvement, growth, and refinement. 

 “As we look at next year, I’m most excited about giving this team a “normal’ experience,” Travillian said when asked about the hopes for a new season “We have a great schedule ahead of us. We want to go back to the NCAA tournament.” 

The 2021-2022 season is bright for the Lady Scots. With the hopes for a normal season and a gym full of fans, the Lady Scots are determined to go back for another championship win.

 As coach Travillian said, “Now that we’ve navigated this season, I can’t wait to see us competing again regionally and nationally.”

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