MC Career Center makes an impact on campus

The Career Center has a wide variety of resources for MC students to help them prepare for their future careers and vocations. Photo courtesy of Ariana Hansen.
The Career Center has a wide variety of resources for MC students to help them prepare for their future careers and vocations. Photo courtesy of Ariana Hansen.

    If there is a question that will always make students have a mini panic attack on the spot, that question is, “What are your plans after college?”

    Maryville College has an office dedicated to help ease the anxieties of the future for the students and their alumni.  The Career Center, which has moved from its third floor Bartlett location to Bartlett Hall room 223, has many employees ready to help the MC community.

    The Career Center has already helped so many students. In 2013, 67% of graduates had a full time job one year after graduation and 22% had part time jobs. These numbers are high, but the Career Center wants to make them even higher.

    One way the Center is working to raise those numbers is their change in office locations. This is their first year in Bartlett 223, and they are ready to utilize the space to its full potential. The space allows more visibility than their previous office. They are located near Isaac’s Café, which gives them more foot traffic than before.

    The new office space is currently two separate rooms. There are plans to take the wall divided the two spaces down, but they have yet to set a date for this. Once they do tear the wall down, they will be able to have multiple events going on at once.

     Christy McDonald, director of the Career Center, is excited about being able to help students individually while working with a large group on something at the same time.

    The Career Center has many programs available to current and past students. MC Connect is one of these programs. This particular program has been reimagined this year, according to McDonald. This is an online based program, which allows students and alumni to look at what job opportunities and internships are currently available in their field of interest.

    MC Works is another large program that was recently introduced at the college. The program began at the start of the Fall 2014 semester at MC. It requires that students complete at least one internship before the time they graduate MC.

    “Alumni are crucial to MC Works,” said McDonald

    Alumni are the often the ones offering internships to current students. There are many influential alums who provide internships that can help students’ careers now and in the future.

    They Career Center is excited to have this program that is both preparing students for life after graduation and increasing the number of students who get jobs right out of college.

    The Career Center is there to help in other ways as well. Many students go to them to receive resume help. They are always willing to help with this and any other things students need aid with.

    McDonald wants to encourage students to get familiar with the Career Center and what they do. She wants people to explore MC Connect. She also wants feedback from the students. If there is anything the Career Center could improve on, students are encouraged to let them know. The Career Center is always looking to improve, so they can help the students to the best of their abilities.

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