MC Criminal Minds hosts K-9 demonstration

On Oct. 8 at 12:30 p.m., students gathered on the steps of Thaw Hall to watch something rather interesting—a special K-9 demonstration set up by the Maryville College Criminal Minds club. 

Two officers from the Blount County Sheriff’s Department spoke on several topics regarding K-9 police dogs. Of course, they were also accompanied by a K-9 named Bak. Deputy Nick Nitzband is Bak’s handler, meaning Bak is a full time responsibility for Nitzband. When an officer is assigned a K-9, the dog does typically live with that officer as well.

 After the K-9 demonstrations, student and other onlookers were allowed to pet K-9 Bak.
Photo Courtesy of Regina Benedict

Bak himself is a “dual purpose dog.” This means he is trained in multiple areas including obedience, apprehension, tracking, and drug detection. Bak really knows his stuff! Throughout the demonstration, Nitzband exemplified skills of obedience and tactics of apprehension.  

In addition to speaking about training, the officers also spoke about how dogs such as Bak are important players in the police department and the community overall. After the demonstration, students were allowed to interact and pet Bak. Maryville College Criminal Minds serves as the pre-law society here on campus. If you are a pre-law student they would love to have you! Criminal Minds offers events, speakers, and trips that are relevant to law enforcement, and pre-law (including LSAT prep). Of course, any student generally interested in crime shows or true crime topics is welcome to join!

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