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MC gamers host murder mystery dinners

Zack Vitale settling into his role as Brad Olive. – Nadia Marrero-Silva

Murder. Mystery. Dinner. Combine the three and you have an ominously enjoyable festivity hosted by the Maryville College Gamers club. This past weekend, Oct. 28-29, MC Gamers hosted two murder mystery dinner party events – the Walgrave Astoria Costume Ball and the Ravenwood Masquerade. Both events came with separate mysteries, and attendance was limited to a small group of fifteen people in order to foster a more tightly-knit environment. Each participant was given a character role, as well as a few pre-game tasks to complete before the event.

Highlighted in this article is the Ravenwood Masquerade event, a mystery centered around the locals of the fictional town of Bloodworth Falls. This event took place at the House in the Woods and required that all participants wear masks.

The event began with an introductory period where attendees were given the opportunity to settle into their roles and mingle with each other before the real game. This included the dinner portion of the night which was provided by Olive Garden.

People quickly got into character, taking on the personas of their given roles and acting according to details listed on a card tailored to their character. This card 

Liz Lane marked as the murder victim of the night. – Nadia Marrero-Silva

included tips on how to interact with specific persons of interest that were relevant to each person’s backstory and goals. Soon after everyone settled in, there was a murder.

Liz Lane, a student who played the role of widely disliked hotshot reporter, Ashton Jade, was the first and only victim of the night.


“It was interesting getting surprise-murdered when I was at a party looking for a good time,” Lane said in regard to her 


early death. “Even after I died, I still had a lot of fun.”

As a ghost, Lane was still able to participate in solving the mystery, but her communication was limited.

“I got to communicate with ASL and pantomime to give people clues,” she said. “I’m glad I go to a school where ASL is a major, otherwise I would have been screwed.”

In the wake of her death, a forensic report was read out loud that detailed the evidence found on and near her body – most of which could be linked to various other characters. The group was tasked with establishing a timeline of alibis for all living characters and attempting to discern who was the most likely suspect.

Attendees gathering to look over the released forensic report of the murder. – Nadia Marrero-Silva

After a period of time dedicated to gathering clues and information, everyone was given a whodunit sheet which required a list of potential suspects, evidence and motives. At the bottom of the sheet was a section where a final guess had to be made based off of everything each individual had learned throughout the night.

Once everyone finished filling out their sheets, the murderer was revealed to be the character Drew Golden, a stagehand for the local playhouse and the victim’s own cousin.



The night ended with a brief awards ceremony.

Natalie Tankersley, who played Deadbee Cyan, a rising star and electronic dance music producer, won an award for guessing both the murderer and the motive correctly.

Dagen Pointer won the Best Actor award for his in-depth acting as Reese Cerulean, the wealthiest and most powerful resident of Bloodworth Falls.


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