MC Welcomes largest Freshman Class in History

Over 190 new students moved in on Aug. 20. Many students live three to a room. Photo Courtesy of Virginia Johnson.
Over 190 new students moved in on Aug. 20. Many students live three to a room.
Photo Courtesy of Maryville College Residence Life.

On Aug. 20, freshman move-in day, Maryville College Residence Life staff opened the doors to welcome over 190 new students to campus.

Now, after nearly three weeks into the semester, new students are starting to find their niche on campus. From falling into the throngs of Scots Science Scholars, to branching out into MC Athletics, freshmen have begun to understand why community is such an important part of the Maryville College tradition.

With this insight concerning the college comes an equally powerful discovery within the self.

As the excitement about what such a large incoming freshman class has to offer slowly builds, Maryville College’s large enrollment rate poses other consequences. At the beginning of the year, all freshmen residence halls had a total of 27 tripled male rooms. That means lofted beds, cramped spaces and limited personal storage. According to Vandy Kemp, the College currently has 16 tripled rooms left. Residence Life claims to have students sorted into standard-issued rooms by the end of the semester. Some claims report the transition process has already begun.

Considering what seems to be a sort of almost over-bunking in residence halls such as Gamble and Copeland, overflow parking has turned into a nightmare. Some freshmen residence halls have already had a successful red-sticker lottery drawing to help weed out the number of residents parking so far away from the building. Security is on high alert for parking violations.

MC is known for its diverse campus. Probably the best way to introduce students to this highly developmental culture is to expose them to situations where they are forced to interact with others. When asked how he felt about his tripled room setup, Keith Jenkins, of Copeland Hall, said “Being in a triple room can be good or bad. I really like it though, because it forces you to meet new people. But you do have less space, I guess it’s okay.”

CaDarrius Hubbard, of Gamble Hall, agrees. “It’s okay to be in a triple. You definitely lose an element of privacy you would have in a standard room. There’s an extreme lack of space. But it has its ups and downs. It’s more relaxed of an environment to get to know people in, and I really like that.”

When asked if they would be eager to move from their three-man room, both students said they would not.

On Aug. 27, Maryville College esteemed professors imparted with their great wisdom to exactly 1,200 students, “the biggest enrollment in the history of the college,” said Dean of Students, Vandy Kemp.

From a press release last year found in the College’s archives, MC President Tom Bogart reveals that we may be on track to something even bigger than just our highest enrollment rate yet. “The Renewing Our Strength Strategic Plan, which outlines a vision for 2019 and beyond, calls for a student body of 1,300,” Bogart said. “We’re making excellent progress, and I believe that we’ll meet the strategic plan goal ahead of 2019.”

From the sounds of how move-in day 2014 went, the college appears to be right on track for Bogart’s plans.

2 thoughts on “MC Welcomes largest Freshman Class in History

  • September 18, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Are we violating any fire codes by triple rooming? Are students in danger if fire breaks out?

  • September 29, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Residence Life was very careful to take these factors into account when assigning triple rooms. Each RA has had proper training should a fire occurs. We have had multiple drills and there have been no complications. As of today, only 6 triple rooms remain.


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