MC women making a difference

On Sept. 8, 15 women were spread out in the sitting room of Bartlett eager to find out more about the new women’s group, to be named soon, being formulated on campus.

With some excitement and hesitation, the group presented list of expectations for the experience. From the list, two reoccurring themes emerged: the idea of enjoying themselves and the desire for a female support system.

Looking around, it was apparent that all of the women in the group came from different walks of life, but what made them unique and appealing was that they were all women going through many of the same situations. The women were each looking for a place to belong, feel important and be reassured that they are something special. Most importantly, they each wanted to make a difference.

Delena Gray, a junior at MC, partnered with Vandy Kemp, the dean of students, to transform this idea into an actual group on campus.

Gray went to Kemp searching for a group that was open to all girls, especially freshmen, who are just beginning their college careers and need additional support. She felt that it was important to have a group of girls that can be open with each other without any requirements.

“Women can support, encourage and empower each other in so many ways,” Kemp said. “Plus, it is just fun to hang out together.”

Gray added, “The objective is to create a support group where all girls are welcome, without the intent of competing with any other groups.”

In order to make a community of girls, Gray intends to create a “safe-zone” in which young women can come together and enjoy themselves and the company of one another. The group plans to host cookouts, picnics, tea parties, movies, board games and even study sessions.

Along with the social activities, Gray plans to have occasional speakers for encouragement and perhaps engage in fundraisers or service projects in order to benefit shelters for battered women. Gray plans on holding bi-weekly meetings.

So the question arises, do you want to be a part of something bigger? Feel that you have an outlet to turn to? Talk to a group of girls about the stresses of daily life?

If you answered “yes,” the new women’s group at MC is a great resource for you. If you are interested in becoming part of the group, Kemp and Gray encourage you to come take part.

The first activity the group plans to host is a screening of the new movie “Abduction,” starring Taylor Lautner, on Sept. 23.

For further information, please contact Delena Gray at [email protected].

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