Memorable MC Moments

Between comps, theses and finals, a few seniors have found the time to share some of their favorite memories of their past four years at MC. Events such as the Calvin Duncan Society lawn party and wine and cheese have given seniors a chance to come together to celebrate and reflect on their time here, as well as look forward to the futures they have been preparing for. These are just a few of their most memorable MC moments.

Photo courtesy of Shannon Woolfolk

Shannon Woolfolk: There’s no way to pick less than a few! But … August 2010: playing in the Clayton Center fountains after spending long, hot days working for Mountain Challenge for orientation was awesome. It was the epitome of carefree fun, one of those we-really-need-to-do-that-again sometime moments!

Marcelle Fischer: One of my favorite MC memories was when two friends and I stayed up all hours of the night stuffing two piñatas for April Fool’s day. We put candy in one and water balloons in the other. Around 3 a.m., in the pouring rain, we hung them from a tree the in front of Pearsons. The next morning, anxious to see if anyone attempted to hit them, we found out they were taken down before anyone had the chance to try. Despite our disappointment, it was still one my favorite memories. Another was sneaking into class late, only to find that my roommates had posted my collection of New Yorker covers on the boarder of my classroom. It was the best prank ever! I’ll also never forget stealing my roommates’ clothes from the locker room while they were swimming and only leaving my prom dress for them to wear. They thought someone stole their clothes, they didn’t recognize the dress and they called security. I had to then hold in my giggles and explain to security what actually happened.

Stephanie Barger: “Revival ’09 was the Spring Break of our freshman year. It was absolutely epic, and that’s pretty much all we can tell you … We went to Mesa Myrna, but we were at a campground, and we went to the beach a couple of days and just chilled out. It was awesome.”

Jade Watts: “My favorite memory is sneaking in the Clayton Center construction site before it was open. Singing on that stage when it was nothing but concrete was unforgettable, awesome. Watching the sun set from the roof—amazing.”

Megan Lock and Ellison Berryhill at the CDS Lawn Party. Photo by Marcelle Fischer

Megan Lock: “So we were studying for [a chemistry exam], and I had passed out on Travis [Folsom’s] futon … but they needed my help with the chemistry, so Craig picks up my ankles and drags me on my back kicking and screaming to the [other room], because all I wanted to do was sleep—I’d only had like three hours of sleep—and I get there, and I’m bleeding on my back. I still have the scars, and it’s something I’ll never forget.”

Patrice Bartges: “My freshman year, Copeland residents were playing a game of assassins, and it was getting down to the last few that were in the round … and Tyler McClain and Craig Owens were chasing after me, and I couldn’t leave my room without getting captured or hit, so Stephanie [Barger] dressed up in my clothes and climbed out the window, and they chased her while I ran to class.”

Morgan Goodman and Claire Keener-Eck at the CDS lawn party. Photo by Marcelle Fischer

Morgan Goodman: “At the end of the year freshman year, when we had our finals breakfast … I got the bright idea that I wanted to start kind of like a food fight. So I took whipped cream and went to Tara Heyboer and slapped her on the butt … We kind of got in this whipped-cream war while we were in Pearsons, and then when we got back to Davis—Seanny [Brannon, class of 2011] was our RA—so the whipped cream fight ensued in Davis … It turned into a water fight, with buckets. So we were running all over second floor, and Seanny runs across and she tried to throw a bucket of water on me, but I ran and she missed me so water went everywhere. By the time we were through, you could walk through the hall, and there was like squishy water … It was hilarious … Yes, we had so much fun. It was like a water fight with buckets of water and water guns…”

Justin Kirkland: My freshman year, Dr. Schneibel asked me to open a window in Anderson. I looked down in the sill, saw a bee and told her that there was a monster in the window. She came over and saw that it was a carpenter bee and said that it didn’t sting. After a couple minutes of poking fun at me, we attempted to open the window, which closed on both of our arms. She was yelling, “Justin, my arm. You’re going to break my arm.” I responded, “Well, I’m kind of hanging out the window right now, so I can’t help.” Very few people can say they’ve been hanging out the window with their professors.

Patrick Dalton: “Me and Kevin [Krapf] freshman year lived in Gamble, and we were both music majors. Kevin didn’t have a lot of music experience, I didn’t have a lot of music experience, [and] we both didn’t know how to read music. So we had to really spend a lot of time working together … hammering the basics down. I remember specifically sitting in the back lobby of Gamble with like all of our music theory notes on the table and … hammering chords and notes, intervals back and forth. So whenever I think of all the knowledge I have now and where I’m at, I just think about where I came from. I’m really proud of the work I’ve done, and I know Kevin is, too…”

Nicole McNabb, Rachel Harris, Laura Whitlock, Lauren Brenner and Kara Strickland celebrate at the CDS lawn party. Photo by Marcelle Fischer


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