Movies to get your mind off quarantine

Yes, it may feel like the apocalypse is upon us, but I promise you these are not the end times. So, while we’re all stuck inside for the foreseeable future, why not take your mind off the virus and catch up on some of the movies you “haven’t had the time to watch.”


If you’re like me, then nothing gets you in a good mood like the adrenaline rush of a good horror or thriller movie. Luckily, there are some amazing choices available on streaming platforms at the moment so we can all scratch that thrill-seeker itch.

“Parasite” – If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out. This Korean psychological thriller lives up to the hype in every way. It follows the Kim family as they infiltrate a wealthy family’s household in an elaborate scheme to move up in the world that goes horribly, horribly wrong. If you’re up to be on the edge of your seat for a night and subtitles don’t intimidate you too much, you’re going to want to check “Parasite” out on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

“Candyman” – This classic is getting a remake by the legendary producer Jordan Peele and director Nia DeConsta soon, so what better time to watch the original? All about a boogeyman who appears if you see his name, this movie may seem a little cliché at first glance, but it holds some terrifying scenes and some poignant social commentary at the same time. You can feel free to blame me when you can’t sleep afterward.


If scary stuff isn’t your thing, I get it. Times are tough and rom-coms are like a big, fuzzy blanket to block out all the craziness, which is why these movies are perfect if you’re looking for a little something to take the edge off.

“Perks of Being a Wallflower” – That’s right, it’s time to take it back to middle school with this coming of age romance-drama. But, this movie holds up because it really knows how to pull on the heartstrings. An awkward freshman is brought into the highs and lows of the real world by two seniors who show him the beauty and sorrow of growing up in a way that will make you laugh and cry simultaneously. What’s not to love?

“Booksmart” – This is one of the funniest movies to come out during 2019. If you love coming-of-age films and absolute chaos, you’ll love this movie. Two academic overachievers realized they should have had more fun before graduation and, in an attempt to make up for lost time, they try to cram four years of partying into one night. Unlike “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” this movie is more comedic but still fills that need for nostalgia.


Speaking of nostalgia, now is the ideal time to rewatch some classics or watch them for the first time. The quarantine blues is no match for a solid binge-watch of movies that remind you of better times.

“Space Jam” – You know it. I know it. “Space Jam” is ideal escapism, and it is still hilarious to boot. When evil aliens threaten the planet, it’s up to Bugs Bunny, Michael Jordan and the rest of the Looney Toons gang to beat them in the ultimate basketball game for freedom. I mean, how much more 90s can you get? It’s on Netflix right now, so what are you still doing reading this?

“The Matrix” – For those that are looking for a little more action than intergalactic basketball, this movie will fill your need for explosions, crazy stunts and machine guns. Yes, the effects are a little outdated, but “The Matrix” is a movie milestone. A computer hacker who discovers he’s living in a simulation rebels against the sinister technology that has enslaved the human race with cool backflips and even cooler outfits, plus Keanu Reeves.


If you’re looking for something lighthearted that won’t scar the younger ones but won’t leave you bored out of your mind for an hour and a half, you’re reading the right article. Family movie night doesn’t have to be mind-numbing, I promise.

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” – If you love Spider-Man or comic book movies like the Avengers, “Spider-Verse” is amazing. A teenage boy becomes the Spider-Man of his reality thanks to a glitch caused by villains tampering with other dimensions and joins forces with the Spidermen of other realities to save the day. This movie has some of the best animation around and has won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Even if you don’t know a single thing about Spider-Man or comics, you can just watch it for the art. Not to mention the soundtrack is stellar.

“Onward” – A new movie that was meant to come out in theatres in March, but has been released on Disney+ thanks to quarantine. It’s an animated urban fantasy story about two elf brothers who go on a quest to bring their father back to life for one day, and it is equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming. Watch this one with some tissues next to you on the couch.

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