Poetry slam at Vienna Coffee House

Attention students looking for an outlet for their creative writing and poetry. Vienna Coffee House, a local coffee shop on High Street in Maryville, will begin hosting monthly “poetry slams” next month.

Students may recognize the shop that opened last year in October, known for its coffee, art and music. After opening last year, Vienna has become well known among students, as the staff welcomes students to use the café as a quiet place to study or a spot for small gatherings and events.

While Vienna competes with other franchised coffee hot spots, the shop’s skilled baristas, scratch-made, fresh baked goods, 50-seat dining room and free wifi all appear to have the business thriving.

In the past, Vienna Coffee House has held “open-mic nights” in addition to displaying artwork from local artists around the interior of the café.  Café manager Jamie Matzko, an avid poetry and music fan, would like to extend an invitation to all Maryville College students, as well as individuals  in the Blount County area, who are either writers or fans of poetry to come out and enjoy this new event in an atmosphere well-suited for the occasion.

“Our purpose is to give our community a creative outlet for performance of poetry and a place where people can come to hear poetry,” Matzko said.

When asked about the inspiration behind the poetry slam, Matzko said: “Coffee houses have always served as a place for social interaction for people to talk, write, read or share ideas.  It only seems natural that poetry and readings should be part of our entertainment and events.”

Former MC student Bryce Celotto will be kicking off the upcoming poetry slam season with a special performance Oct. 22, at 7 p.m. Following Celotto’s performance, Vienna will host the first poetry slam night on Friday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. Poetry slam nights will continue monthly on Fridays to be announced.

Both original poetry pieces and favorite works from other poets will be welcomed for reading.

Those with questions regarding Vienna’s poetry slams or anyone interested in having a private reading of their own work should contact Jamie Matzko at [email protected].

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