Randall Tate: MC dining worker, aspiring actor

When students walk into Pearsons or Isaac’s, they are greeted by a group of Maryville College staff members. Among those staff members, there is Randall Tate. Tate, born and raised in Alcoa, is always laughing and is never seen without a smile on his face. Most of all, Tate possesses something that Maryville College values: personality.

“No matter how good of a mood I’m in, Tate is always able to lift my spirits even higher,” said Will Livingston, a senior at MC. According to Tate, he finds working in a busy cafeteria both “simple and easy.” “I enjoy the interaction,” Tate said “It’s definitely my favorite part.”

When asked about his preference for campus dining locations at MC, he chose Pearsons. “There’s room to work, a bigger environment, larger crowd,” Tate said. “It’s more exciting.”

One can always notice Tate when walking into Pearsons. He is usually talking to three or four people, making pasta and cracking jokes. Although Tate has worked at MC since January of 2012, it may seem like Tate has been here much longer, because of the quick relationships he has formed with students. Randal said that his favorite station in Pearsons to work at is the pasta station.

“I think it’s because I can create my own ideas or build off someone else’s,” Tate said. He may be working at MC for now, but Tate attempts to pursue his own personal goals and aspirations. When asked where he imagined himself in ten years, he said, “Raising my son. Other than that, hopefully my acting career will take off.”

Tate hopes to make acting his full-time career one day, and he has even made a jumpstart on this endeavor. He has appeared twice on Jupiter Entertainment’s “Sins & Secrets.” The first episode he appeared as an informant. The second episode he appeared as an accomplice. “I got more that’s coming,” Tate said. Tate has completed filming for five or six more continuing episodes of the show. “Sins & Secrets” broadcasts on the satellite station, Investigation Discovery.

New episodes come out at 10 p.m. every Thursday night. Tate is not just a staff member at Maryville College. He is an actor, as well as one of the friendliest MC dining workers one can meet. Students should consider getting his autograph next time in Pearsons or Isaac’s – they could be talking to a man who will be a famous actor one day.

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