Resources available for those seeking aid in spiritual life

Oftentimes, students may find themselves seeking guidance in various forms. Maryville College is devoted to providing resources for every student in every area possible, especially during troubling times. It can be hard to seek help or aid, especially in the spiritual aspect. Just like health, spirituality can be an important factor in how well we handle certain situations. 

Even though Isaac Anderson, a Presbyterian minister, founded Maryville college, your religious practices don’t have to comply or align with Presbyterian practices and traditions. 

The primary source for your spiritual needs can be found in the center of campus, where the chapel stands with open doors for all individuals. The Center for Campus Ministry, or CCM, serves as a resource for several student-led religious groups on campus. Some of these groups include The Progressive Christian Community, Worship Committee, Catholic Student Association, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and Voices of Praise. 

These religious groups on campus cover various topics of beliefs and traditions. For further information, you can visit the CCM, or call them at 865-981-8299.

Perhaps you don’t want to devote yourself to a certain group or affiliation. The CCM holds weekly non-denominational chapel services, usually every Tuesday from 1:15 to 1:50 p.m.. These services feature faculty, students, and staff who speak on annually appointed themes. In-person attendance isn’t mandatory. You can also find a live stream on their Facebook, under the name of “Maryville College Center for Campus Ministry.”

The Maryville college website has also provided additional information to help students find a new place to worship or practice their own beliefs. The Maryville College website has listed diverse dominations of faith that are geographically close to the college premises.

The list includes denominations like Presbyterian, Baha’i, Baptist, Catholic, Christian Church, Church of God, Church of Christ, Episcopal, Inter-denominational, Lutheran, Methodist, Mosques, Synagogues, and Unitarian Universalist. This list includes congregations that have actively participated in some college functions. This information can be found on the Maryville College website, under the tabs labeled “Campus life” and “Spiritual Life.”

If you don’t find any useful information about a certain congregation, affiliation, or practice you are interested in, resort to Google. Simply searching what kind of church you’re looking for is easy to do. You should be able to find a variety of common or similar practices nearby. 

Maryville College is devoted to aiding everyone on campus as much as possible. We are not all made of steel; some days are harder than others. It is always comforting to know that there is a certain place where you can find consolation.

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