Seeking Nominations for the Spirit of the Covenant Award

In 2002, The Keepers of the Covenant decided to develop awards called Spirit of the Covenant Awards, which serve to recognize individual members of the Maryville College community who embody the spirit of the principles of the MC Covenant. These individuals serve as models to us all in the manner in which they live their lives.


The Keepers of the Covenant present these awards with the hope that the recipients will inspire more of us to be respectful of others, to live lives of integrity and to focus our energies to pursue learning through scholarship.


At the Leadership Awards Ceremony, around three to five recipients are chosen who embody the spirit and principles of the three pillars of the Covenant: Scholarship, Respect and Integrity. The recipients can be MC students, faculty or staff. The recipients of last year’s awards were Halle Hill, Alan Miramontes Flores, Sarah Gregory, Lauren Biliter and Jerica Johnson.


The Keepers identified the first group receiving the Spirit of the Covenant Award based on their own knowledge of community members. The Keepers acknowledge that there is no one model of the spirit of the Covenant, that there is diversity in the means that community members can embody these principles, and, therefore, that recognition should never exclusively be given to one individual.


For 16 years now, the Keepers of the Covenant have solicited nominations for this award through means of flyers, tables in Pearsons Hall and Thaw Hall foyers, and the MC Today emails. Today, we are asking you, the readers of the “Highland Echo,” to consider those in our community who embody the Spirit of the Covenant. Can you think of someone who lives and breathes scholarship, respect and integrity? If so, please let us know about this individual at the following link. Each nominee will be given careful consideration. The Spirit of the Covenant Awards will be given out at the Leadership Awards ceremony which will take place April 26 at 7:00 p.m. Nominations for the Spirit of the Covenant Award are due by April 15 and can be submitted via the link below.

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