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The Maryville College Student Government Association (SGA) has been working hard to ensure that student organizations on campus that request additional funds receive the needed funds for their upcoming events. SGA understands that unexpected fees can often be unavoidable and will work with organizations to fund them sufficiently and efficiently.

Recently, SGA gave the Black Student Alliance (BSA) $2,200 to help fund the 10th Annual GLIMPSE Conference. This year, Maryville College is hosting the conference, and BSA needed additional funds to make it great.

This conference highlights diversity through different multicultural students. It specifically discusses what it means to be a diverse student leader in the 21st century on a predominately white college campus or within one’s community and the struggles that confront groups like this. Maryville College BSA will be hosting this conference on November 10-11.

The PRIDE group on campus also needed additional funds for their “Rocky Horror Picture Show” showing, and they received their asking amount to purchase the movie’s rights as well as receive more money to purchase additional items for goody bags–essential to the audience participation in the film. The event had great attendance and even hosted people from outside the Maryville College community.

SGA also funded 50 tickets for the USA South Soccer Conference games. Usually, home soccer games are free to students, but when conference games begin, there is an admittance charge of $3. SGA wants everyone to enjoy the game free of charge, so the games are covered by SGA for the first 50 people.

In addition to this, Senior Senator Eddie Small and myself were playing pool in Isaac’s and realized that the pool sticks were dilapidated and in non-working condition. SGA passed a bill to purchase four new pool sticks for Isaac’s, so expect those to arrive within the month of November.

The Board of Director’s meeting was this past Sunday, and the Board was eager to get student’s perspectives on issues regarding the campus atmosphere in different facets of our lives, as well as our response to the discontinuation of J-Term. Moreover, there were survey results from a survey done at the end of last year asking students what his or her wants and needs were, and I plan to share those with the SGA and begin working on a plan to discuss possibilities to give students what they want.

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