SGA’s ‘November Nights’ showcases student talent

Throughout the month of November, SGA will be hosting a series of coffee-shop style performances at different locations across campus. The concept of this series, titled “November Nights,” is simple and appealing; it’s a relaxing atmosphere, a fun event to attend right here on campus and a venue for MC students to share their musical abilities.

The series kicked off on Friday, Nov. 8, with performances in the library by freshman Jack Townsend and Juniors Cameron Hite and Tyler Jones.

A few dozen students funneled into the library on Friday evening to support their friends and discover some of the immense talent MC has to offer.Armchairs and stools were pushed from all corners of the library into a nest of cozy seating that faced the small study area that had been converted into an impromptu stage.
The first round of performances drew in a large crowd. Students filled these chairs, sat with their legs hanging off the check-out desk, and even littered the floors in front of the performers.

A single blue light at the performers’ feet cast them in a calming, intimate light as they performed original songs about everything from relationships to drinking and to feeling like a jerk in high school. The atmosphere was effortless but absolutely fitting.

The relationship between the performers and their peers turned the show into a living, breathing musical experiment with room for input, discussion, and even mistakes. Slight hiccups, like the absence of the promised coffee or a performer forgetting a few lines to a covered song, were welcomed with smiles and laughter from the audience.

Throughout the night, the performers were able to enjoy and adjust the experience as they saw fit, occasionally establishing commentary with audience members, experimenting with new songs and even venturing out into the audience during a performance.

The first installment of “November Nights” was undoubtedly a success for SGA. Students cheered throughout the night, requested their favorite songs from performers they knew, and laughed and smiled from start to finish.

“November Nights” is about more than a guitarist on a stool in some coffee shop; students at MC have taken this event and made it their own, adding intimacy, passion and camaraderie.

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