Sisters in Spirit to host women’s week

Throughout the week of Oct. 27 – Nov. 1, Sisters in Spirit, an all-female club on campus dedicated to women’s rights and issues throughout the world, will be hosting a week dedicated to women’s issues.

Women’s Week kicks off on Monday, Oct. 27, with the Clothesline Project, which will be set up in Bartlett Hall and will remain there throughout the week.

“The Clothesline Project is a visual representation of struggles that women have in both domestic violence and domestic assault,” said Anne McKee, campus minister.

There will be t-shirts of different colors representing different kinds of abuse that women frequently face. The shirts each have a message written by women who have fallen victim to abuse.

The messages are primarily either about empowerment and survival or accusation directed to the abuser. Sisters and Spirit is hoping that shirts and markers will be available on site for women to add to the display.

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, a short film screening will be held in the Center for Campus Ministry followed by a question and answer session with representatives from the Vote No on One campaign. They will be discussing Amendment One, an amendment regarding abortion laws in Tennessee, which is going to be on the Nov. 4 ballot for Tennessee voters.
Sisters in Spirit is hoping to have various groups and organizations set up tables on the Pearsons lawn on Wednesday, Oct. 29. These groups will potentially spread awareness about women’s rights issues as well as provide information about different campaigns and programs.

On Wednesday, Maryville College will also be hosting its annual trick-or-treat event in Carnegie Hall, where Sisters in Spirit will be participating and hosting a table to give out treats.
Pamela Schoenewaldt will be coming to speak in the Center for Campus Ministries at 7:00 p.m. on the topic of “Writing and Justice” on Thursday, Oct. 30. She is the author of two historical novels about the immigration of young women to the United States form Italy in the late 1800s and early 1900s. She will be discussing the historical background of her books and her writing process. The event will also include a reading by Schoenewaldt as well as a question and answer session.

Because Women’s Week falls on Parents’ Weekend, Sisters in Spirit is hoping to have involvement from the student section at the football game on Saturday, Nov. 1, to raise awareness to parents and all who attend the game about women’s rights issues.

This is especially important because Amendment One which will be voted on in the following week. Sisters in Spirit hopes to show parents that Maryville students are committed to women’s issues regardless of their position on campus.

Sisters in Spirit welcomes Maryville College and the community to join them throughout Women’s week in honor of women globally. They hope that this week can be a safe time for women facing issues regarding abuse and invite anyone and everyone to raise awareness and learn about women’s issues in our culture.

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