The Point After

I must say, rarely has losing created so much conversation than over the last year in sports.

I think sometimes as a fan, I often have a narrowed vision focused on wins, winners and championships.  Yet over the last year, losing has really defined the sports world.

At the beginning of the summer, it was the Miami Money… uhh I mean Heat, bricking their way to second place and speculation that Lebron will never win a championship.

It continued with the U.S. women’s soccer team losing two leads in the final of the World Cup, surrendering the championship to Japan in overtime.

In early fall, it was the epic fall of the Red Sox and Atlanta Braves, each losing with vigor and zeal and at an unimaginable rate.

That brings us to now, when the NFL has three teams that have taken losing to a whole new level. They have deemed this ineptitude as the “Suck for Luck” campaign, the chase for the best college prospect, Andrew Luck.  Out of this, the question I have had raised to me is, “Who is truly the worst team?”

We will begin with the Indianapolis Colts, whom I would consider the best of the worst. I know, you might find this to be an absurd claim, seeing that their game against the New Orleans Saints was a 62-point shellacking. However, I think they have some pieces in place that put them above the other teams.

Notwithstanding that most of their best players are either injured or over 30, I think Indianapolis has some good wide receivers in Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne.  They have a decent offensive line, anchored by Jeff Saturday at center.  Overall, their defense is young, and their defensive line is still intimidating, with Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.

The Colts will continue to get better, and they ultimately have one the best coaches-in-waiting toting a clipboard on the sideline, nursing an injured neck.

Next, I think I would say not the worst, but the next closest thing, are the St. Louis Rams.

I have them here because they have the players to be a good team. Steven Jackson is a beast at running back, Sam Bradford is a quality quarterback and their defense has some good, young playmakers.

Despite having these quality pieces, their lines are just terrible. The St. Louis offensive line has allowed 21 sacks so far this season, which is tied for the most in the NFL. The defensive line has created only 11 sacks on the other side of the ball.

Whereas Indianapolis is a ‘93 Honda Civic, St. Louis is a Dodge with nice rims but a blown suspension.

Now we come to the worst of the worst, the Miami Dolphins. This team is to football what Charlie Sheen was to his own career.

The talent is limited on both sides of the ball. Tackle Jake Long is their best offensive player, and he doesn’t play in a position that scores points. Their quarterbacks are terrible; their wide receivers complain more than catch; and their defense can’t stop anyone except their offense during practice. Reggie Bush is not a premiere back, yet he sees way too many touches.

They have no present, they have no future, and their coach is soon to be fired with no good replacements.

That makes them the worst of the worst.

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