The Republican Angle: Post-Election 2012

The ballots have been cast, the polls are closed and here we are with a newly re-elected President Obama. While I and many other Republicans sit here and contemplate the events of that evening, I have a few predictions and remarks that I want to bring to your attention.

President Obama has won with 303 electoral votes and Governor Romney lost with 206. Throughout most of the evening, Romney and Ryan held a substantial lead in the popular vote. The final count of popular vote was Obama at 54,071,347 and Romney at 53,351,931. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, the difference was a mere 800,690 people.

In any given presidential election, that is a very tight race. Other than the 2000 election and 2004 election, I would believe that this will be one of the closest elections that many of us will see in our lifetime. For the next four years, I see America going down a much different path than what I would have chosen. Just as president Obama told Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, he will have “more flexibility” now that the electio

n is over.A few things that I anticipate will happen now that Obama is reelected are the drastic cut of our nuclear weapons, more taxation on the wealthy and an increase in our national debt. I will also take a shot in the dark and assume that the unemployment rate will not only stay at 7 percent, but it will increase. There has not been a sustainable jobs plan within the first Obama administration and I think it is safe to say there will not be one in the second.

There is a silver lining around this huge political hurricane; the Republicans still maintain a majority within the House of Representatives. Although the Senate is a completely different story, I believe that when the midterm elections arrive in 2014, the Senate will have a different make-up compared to now. If and when the Republicans take back the Senate, there will be some sense of leadership for the American people.

With the second term of

President Obama about to begin, I am interested to see what he does with the next four years. Will there be an attack similar to Benghazi that will rock the foundation of the President and his advisors? Will there ever be a budget proposed by Obama? Who will he choose for Supreme Court nominations? Will our credit rating be lowered once again or will it be upgraded? Will our national debt ever be taken care of? One thing is definite, though; we have re-elected a man who did a shoddy job as president during his first term.He has a vice-president who can’t help but insert his foot in his mouth anytime he speaks. He blames lack of communication and a video for a terrorist attack, and his Secretary of State takes responsibility. Obama has brought his Chicago style politics to the White House once again. So America, I guess it is now time to pick up our hammers and sharpen our sickles and head to a brighter future. As for me, I may be in the highlands of Scotland before it’s all said and done.

As for America, we still have Obamacare for four more years. The women of America will still have easy access to their contraception. Our national debt is five times larger than in 2008, and expecting to increase each year. We live in a country where people are glad to take handouts instead of working for what they have.

Our work ethic and dignity is completely diminished, and there is no sense of humility or shame for taking a government check. I hope and pray that we can break this cycle of government handouts, and return to being a nation for and of the people.

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