The Republican angle: President Obama

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Over the past three and a half years, there have been a lot of different things happen in the world.

Since 2008, there have been many great movies such as “The Dark Knight, ” “The Hangover” and “Inception.” We have seen the Harry Potter series come to an end and the Hunger Games come to life.

There have been countless celebrities, politicians and American icons pass-away. One thing that has stayed constant is that Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America.With his presidency quickly coming to an end, I along with many other Americans, are looking back at his record during the three years of his presidency.

The main question that comes to mind is: “Should he be re-elected to lead us into the next four years?” I don’t think that he has met the expectations as president. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 2008 the unemployment rate has stayed at eight percent or higher. The highest unemployment rate was in October of 2009, with a whopping 10 percent.

For many Americans, it is expected that the President of the United States, regardless of whichever party they are affiliated, to create an environment throughout the USA to where job creation can flourish. Not only has there been an increase in unemployment but there has been an increase in welfare and food stamps rates.

In the first quarter of 2011, the total number of Americans who receive some type of welfare, not including Social Security or Medicare, have exceeded 100 million. Don’t forget that the national debt has increased to a substantial $15 trillion! If you go back to 2008, the national debt was only $10 trillion.

After seeing what President Obama and the democrat-controlled Senate and House did to this country, it is apparent that Obama has failed to prove that he deserves to be re-elected. I’m sure that you are sitting there thinking, “Eric, what can Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do that President Obama and Vice-President Biden haven’t done?” First and foremost, I would say that Gov. Romney and Sen. Ryan bring experience to the table.

As we all know, before President Obama became an Illinois senator, he was a community organizer in Chicago. Although he had experience in organizing events within the Chicago area, he had no experience with the private sector, no experience with creating and balancing a budget and no experience in health care.

Another thing that Governor Romney has experience in that President Obama doesn’t is creating jobs. Our national unemployment rate has stayed at a constant eight percent or higher under Obama’s presidency. As a nation, we cannot have an unemployment that is this high and hope to survive. We must have a better economic environment where small businesses can flourish and larger businesses can expand.

Without that, our nation will fail.

If America continues under the current administration, America as we know it will be no more. We will not be nation where we can have “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” We will be told what to do, have the government involved on anything and everything in our lives, and not be able to succeed as a people. As I bring this column to an end, I want each of you to look at what our current president has done to this nation.

Do you like the way it’s going? Do you think that in the next 20 or 30 years, we will look back and say, “I’m glad that we gave him another term in office.”? Or will you say, “I’m glad he was a one hit wonder.”?

One thought on “The Republican angle: President Obama

  • October 10, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Great column! You touched on the effects of too much government but, I would like to see America look deeper into the path we are going down under our current President. If we could see the future, would we be a socialist nation? Will we have lost the right to have our own communities? Could we ever have our own business? Would the government control our every thought and action?


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