The social student: Blount County Library

If there is a particular book that you are looking for, most commonly you could find it in the college’s library. But for a place to go that has a different kind of selection for the avid book connoisseur, one can go to the Blount County public library.

To have access to the library’s bountiful resources, you merely have to fill out an application. For Maryville College students, even if you do not live in the Blount County area, you are allowed to have a library card through them for free and you do not have to pay the out-of-county fee that is most commonly charged. This can be a very good thing for those who want to find a book that they need for a paper or just for pure enjoyment that they can’t find in the main library on campus.

To have physical access to the library, you go down the stairs at the end of the courtyard, go across the bridge that overhangs Lamar Alexander Parkway, and simply keep going straight down the sidewalk until you reach the library. This can be between a 10 and 20 minute walk.

As for commonly spotted people in the library, most of them seem to be older people with students interspersed. While the library provides a calm and quiet atmosphere for those who are looking for a place to work, there are still many people who utilize the space. A lot of them can be seen working on personal projects, homework and reading the books that they have found and want to peruse.

The atmosphere of the library gives off the impression of an open space in an enclosed area with the open floor plan and the light colors that the walls painted with. The lighting is vibrant but not blindingly so, enough that you can see clearly what you are doing and what you are reading without having to fight with dark corners and edges. There are several windows throughout the building that show the city and the Greenway.

There is also an area at the front of the building that is devoted exclusively to sitting areas.

The staff of the library remind me distinctly of a knitting circle; mostly older people who enjoy what they do and enjoy sharing it with each other but are wary of new people who are interested. There were people who were willing to assist me, but others seemed slightly unsure of what to do with me since I am not actually from Blount County.

As far as WiFi goes, the connection seems solid and reliable. It is free for anyone who comes into the library, so this is a definite plus for those who do not want to fight on the school’s WiFi and find that exact location where you can get the best service.

Libraries also offer several different options for those who are looking for something to do with his or her significant other. Reading books together and asking what the other thinks of it once they are finished can give you a perspective into their interpretation of the text without it being a part of your grade. This can always be a plus for those who still enjoy reading but don’t enjoy doing it as part of their classes.

Overall, the Blount County Library has a plethora of resources for anyone, college student or otherwise, to enjoy and use for any purpose.

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