There are many things to be thankful for

In just few short weeks, Thanksgiving will be here. Families and friends will gather around the turkey to celebrate the many things to be grateful for even in the midst of this unfathomable year. We all know it. This year has been nothing short of a challenge. 

No one thought when the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve that we’d face a year’s worth of hardship, continuous long hardship. But here we are, and even with the challenges of 2020, there are still so many things to be thankful for. 

But why be thankful? Yeah, sure, Thanksgiving is a holiday about gratitude, but is there any other reason why we should give thanks this season? Yes, most definitely. 

Expressing love and appreciation for those around you will not only bring you joy, but it will bring those around you joy as well. I think at this point, everyone needs to be reminded that they’re loved, that they’re enjoyed, and that they’re appreciated. We’ve all had it tough, so remind everyone that you’re grateful for them. 

Tell your mom you appreciate her checking in on you even if it’s the fourth time today. Tell the cashier that you appreciate them for bagging your groceries so well (you know with the food items and the chemicals separate? It’s the little things!). Hey, even if it’s your cat, tell them that life just wouldn’t be the same without them… even if they don’t understand what you’re saying. 

Katelyn Witucki, a student athlete at Maryville College also has lots to be thankful for this year!

Students at Maryville College are expressing gratitude for many things this year. 

“I am grateful for God’s creation: the beautiful fall leaves & the mountains, specifically,” said McGill scholar Emily Christian, “I am very thankful for amazing friends who always support me. I am thankful for my professors who are understanding. I am especially thankful for a loving savior who forgives.”

“I am thankful for how blessed I am,” said MC student athlete Katelyn Witucki, “I’m thankful to have such a close-knit campus with great professors. I’m thankful for the beautiful mountains I get to see every day. I’m thankful for friends I can trust. Most of all, I’m thankful that Jesus remains steadfast even when the world around me is constantly changing.”

As for me, I’m thankful for a finished semester, my supportive family that calls me too many times a day, a resilient school community, my cute puppy dog and my boyfriend who tickles me until I can’t breathe in the kitchen and loves me even when I spill the pizza sauce on the floor. I’m thankful for my faithful God who always comes through for me. I am thankful for the orange leaves and the early morning sunrises. 

And lastly, I’m thankful for you. Yes, you, the one reading this. Look at you! You got through one of the most challenging years yet! That deserves some serious credit. You are appreciated, loved, and enjoyed by many. Don’t you forget it. 

  • Kait 

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