Trump is a bad person and other reasons not to throw your vote away this 2020 election from the perspective of (1) white, cis-gendered female college student

This election, you have the power to change the future of America for the better by casting a ballot for Joe Biden. It is the most likely way of voting current President and Republican candidate Donald Trump out of office. 

Or you can watch the end of an American government founded on our nation’s longstanding ideals of integrity, freedom, and democracy crumble in the next four years. 

So far in the polls, the 2020 election has been a close one. As of 6:46 p.m. on Oct. 25, Joe Biden has 51.2% of American votes, while Trump has 43.5%—this according to NBC News’ live election updates. 

While things are looking up for Biden and early votes continue to roll in, many are still undecided on who they’re voting for. But even after four years of questioning his leadership, sanity, and financial and legal credibility during his time in office, Trump still has a surprising number of supporters. 

Seeing Trump signs and flags in the yards of Maryville homes always causes me to think, “why are people still okay with this?” Why are people still okay with a racist, sexist, ableist, ivory-tower, lying, narcissistic sexual offender with no regard for justice or common decency holding the reins to our government? The answers I’ve gathered are filled with flaws. 

Many are voting for Trump because they believe he represents the values of a true, American Christian. But I am not the first to say that Trump is anything but a godly person. Christ feeds the faithful. Trump is the money-changer in the temple who fleeces the faithful.

Trump lacks the compassion, kindness and patience that Christ asks of God’s chosen ones. Trump lacks humility when the Bible says, “blessed are the meek,” and “blessed are the merciful.” A Christian American has every right to vote for Trump, but I believe they’re lying if they claim to truly understand Trump or the teachings of the Bible. 

Others are voting for Trump because they don’t want to see a rise in taxes. However, under Biden presidency, only large corporations and the top 1% of individual earners would see a noticeable raise in taxes. 

Furthermore, Trump is the only modern American president to never release any of his tax returns (either while running for office or during his time in office), and recent findings by the New York Times suggest he has paid little to no federal taxes in the last two decades. Any voter who sees taxes as a point of concern should not vote for a person who has not paid them in 20 years. 

Some are voting for Trump because they want stronger border enforcement, even though the United States of America was founded by immigrants. Some are voting for him because they believe he supports working-class Americans, when he himself has never known what it is to struggle. In fact, thanks to an investigation conducted by The New York Times, we now know that Trump’s father actually lent his son closer to $60.7 million in 1975 rather than the “small loan of a million dollars,” he claimed to have received. That would be equivalent to $140 million today. 

Whatever the reason people vote for Trump, there’s usually a more humanitarian and American argument against it. 

The answer I choose to tell myself to my previous question is this: most people are simply misinformed. Most people are simply blinded by Trump’s divisive, isolationist, and volatile rhetoric, so they fail to see the many ways he is corrupting American ideals. 

But I think the true answer is that people simply don’t care enough. Many of you probably dislike Trump but still don’t have a plan to make it to a polling booth this election season. Many of you probably dislike Trump but don’t like Biden, so you’ll vote for a third-party candidate and forget about the whole thing. 

Come the aftermath of Nov. 3, we will know who the President of the United States will be for the next four years, and you will have a say in the matter if you vote for Biden or Trump. 

I voted early for Biden not because he is exactly the person I want to see as my president. Up until he dropped out of the race, I planned on voting for Bernie Sanders. 

However, I know casting my vote for Biden is the best chance at real, positive, and progressive change in America. I care about climate change and how it will affect my future and the future of all humans. Biden has an effective plan to combat climate change in America, which includes ensuring that the U.S. achieves a 100% clean energy economy and reaches net-zero emissions no later than 2050. 

I care about the future of healthcare as an unemployed college senior living in a dangerously unstable American economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden has an effective plan to provide affordable, quality healthcare to all Americans and to stand up to the abuse of power by prescription drug corporations. 

“We need a public option, now more than ever, especially when more than 20 million people are unemployed. That public option will allow every American, regardless of their employment status, the choice to get a Medicare-like plan,” Biden said on the campaign trail. 

I care about decreasing gun violence. I care about repairing foreign relations. I care about rights for African Americans and queer Americans and trans Americans and Latino Americans and Asian Americans and Americans with vaginas. I care about the environment and food safety and higher education. 

I care about all of these things, and that is why I’m voting for Biden. It is the best possible way to get that leather-skinned, toupee-topped liar out of office.

5 thoughts on “Trump is a bad person and other reasons not to throw your vote away this 2020 election from the perspective of (1) white, cis-gendered female college student

  • October 28, 2020 at 1:54 pm

    Excxellent article! Thanks Katie!!

  • October 28, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    “leather-skinned, toupee-topped liar”
    That’s all

    • October 29, 2020 at 2:00 pm

      I don’t think the problem is that people don’t care enough, unfortunately the reality is much worse.

      People don’t make the connections and understand just how badly this incompetent administration and the do-nothing republican senate have been for the last decade. They can’t be bothered to grasp how this incompetence affects thier lives every single day. Racism, sexism and trying to enforce inequalities obviously apparent to any rational person are no doubt horrid but the reality of just how bad every single citizen has it now as opposed to what it could be is the very real tragedy.

      When your president cow tows to dictators the world over and does nothing when our “allies” murder our citizens and then sells them the advance weaponry they crave regardless of their actions it tells the rest of the world we are weak. Weak and not willing to do anything when said “allies” start an oil price war. This leads to your uncle loosing his job driving frack water trucks. This leads to steel mills closing because new pipes are no longer needed.

      When your president badly miscalculates the Chinese ethnocetric culture and starts a very public trade war with no clear exit strategy it is the Midwest farmers who pay the price. Your cousin who worked hard for years to establish through hard work a viable farm now loses everything for one man’s ego and incompetence. The John Deer salesman loses, the dairy queen owner and his workers lose and entire towns see economic depression not experienced in decades. For what? So an imbecile can brag “he is standing up to China?” For what? What did all this economic pain accomplish? Absolutely nothing.

      When your grandmother who diligently saved her entire life loses everything because she has the misfortune to get cancer it is the fault of Republicans. For 10 years we have been promised an alternative to Obama care “in two weeks” and we’ve got nothing but millions of citizens kicked off insurance. Obama care has been made weaker and weaker by repeated attacks only to have nothing but empty promises take the place. For two years, TWO YEARS, Trump and his party controlled all levels of government. What did they do? Pass a tax law that benefits the wealthy and multinational corporations. Absolutely nothing on health care.

      At some point logic has to take over and we need to look at who benefits with this bafoon in control. Russia steals our soy bean markets that took decades to develop. Saudi Arabia murders whomever they want and sells oil at huge loses simply to try and drive our oil industry out of business. China laughs as morons attack 5g as they develop the technology that will soon control the world. All the while everyday Americans are getting shafted.

      If people are unwilling to be open to new information and take a logical look at the horrid state of our society simply because they would have to actually reflect and look inward at their own thoughts and ideas, THEN EVIL WINS. As long as people will do whatever mental gymnastics they have to to be able to hang onto their racism then logic fails. We fail. At this point if you are for Trump then you are against everything America was founded on. Hate. Greed. The willingness to see us all fail just so those who may think differently than you can’t succeed either. It’s pathetic and disgusting. I commend you Katie for seeing through this rouse and I hope you continue to live an intentional life. Good luck!

  • October 29, 2020 at 3:22 pm

    I just donated to Jamie Harrison for the fifth time, this time in your honor.


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