Unpredictable weather in Maryville and the world

Over the past few weeks, and even months, the weather in Maryville has been incredibly unpredictable. With fluctuating temperatures and an abundance of cloud cover, students are finding it difficult to dress comfortably for the day.

For a week, students at Maryville could walk around in shorts and t-shirts and be perfectly comfortable, but the next week they would be bundled up in sweaters and jeans once again. This jump in temperature has even occurred over the course of about three days, going from 64 degrees down to 44 degrees in two days. The temperature then jumped right back up to 68 degrees the next day. There was even a week in February where the weather jumped up to about 80 degrees before dipping back down into the 50s.

This has proved to cause some annoyance around campus with students who aren’t sure how to dress in the morning. Many have accidentally put on shorts in 40 degree weather while others keep wearing sweaters when it’s back up in the 70s. It has even been a struggle to decide whether it will rain during the day or if it’s just going to be another cloudy day. These drastic shifts in weather seem to be happening at many other college campuses as well, sparking many web comics and jokes on the internet.

The increase in pollen in the springtime has also caused allergies for many students. This is made worse by the changing weather. Blooming times of plants have been pushed off balance, causing some to bloom at seemingly random times. This causes the pollen count to fluctuate, making it harder for people to determine how to deal with their seasonal allergies.

However, even though this weather has proved challenging for the students at Maryville and other colleges, it has also been affecting many different places around the world.

Wildfires in California, huge hurricanes along the coasts, massive flooding in many countries, snowstorms in the spring and many other natural disasters have taken place at seemingly increased intensities for the past few months. In January, there was even snowfall in the Sahara Desert for the first time in about 40 years. Instances of harsh weather can still be seen in Tennessee, too, with multiple tornadoes causing damage and harsh winds across the state. All of these dangerous weather conditions have harmed multiple different countries and many are starting to take larger measures to make sure they don’t hit as hard as they have.

The cause of these weather changes has also been debated. Many scientists believe that the cause is climate change, and, in some cases, global warming based on multiple studies of weather patterns. On the other hand, there are many people who believe that this weather is just a natural cycle for the world and that will mellow out eventually.

This debate has been going on for many years, long before the odd weather experienced at the beginning of this year. Nevertheless it still proves to be problematic in many ways for college students and people living all across the world.

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