UTK professor to lecture on string theory, ‘Einstein’s Legacy’

On Tuesday, April 10, at 6:00 p.m., Dr. George Siopsis from the University of Tennessee will be at Maryville College for a presentation on “Einstein’s Legacy” as part of MC’s science literacy series. The event will be held in Lawson Auditorium, in the basement of Fayerweather Hall.

This presentation will focus on string theory as a way of filling in what blanks Albert Einstein left in his publications.

The discussion will expand beyond Einstein’s famous E=mc2 equation and will explain the supposed “theory of everything” that Einstein was searching for until his death.

The material will also cover what scientists are doing today related to this theory.

Although string theory presents a rather difficult idea for some to grasp, the material should not sway anyone from attending.

Siopsis has a reputation for speaking at the college, as he given lectures in senior seminar classes.

“This class had everyone in it, including art majors,” said associate professor of chemistry Dr. Mary Turner. “He handed out sheets with equations beyond differential equations, but he spoke to where everyone could understand what he was saying.”

The material within the seminar is focused on anyone who is interested in learning about string theory.

Several students at MC are looking forward to the upcoming presentation.

“I’m super excited about this,” said MC freshman Winode Handagama. “String theory is probably one of the most revolutionary concepts in the sciences. I would consider it on par with Darwin’s theory of evolution.”

The appearance is open to the public and free to everyone.

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