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Fall 2017 Photo Series

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Hate in my hometown

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  Shelbyville, Tennessee is a town of a little over 21,000 people. It has a large number of Check-Into-Cash stores, no high end restaurants and—like most towns of its size—a good portion of the domestic life of its residents revolves around the local WalMart. It also happens to be the place that I happily call my home. Until I came to Maryville College, I have lived in or around Shelbyville for the entirety of my short 27 years on this planet. I worked five years in a grocery store, and I have met and interacted with a large swathe of the local population. Needless to say, I am familiar with the place. It is a docile town that rarely makes local, let alone, national news. It is surprising, therefore, that on October 28, I stood at the intersection of...

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MC gamers host murder mystery dinners

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Murder. Mystery. Dinner. Combine the three and you have an ominously enjoyable festivity hosted by the Maryville College Gamers club. This past weekend, Oct. 28-29, MC Gamers hosted two murder mystery dinner party events – the Walgrave Astoria Costume Ball and the Ravenwood Masquerade. Both events came with separate mysteries, and attendance was limited to a small group of fifteen people in order to foster a more tightly-knit environment. Each participant was given a character role, as well as a few pre-game tasks to complete before the event. Highlighted in this article is the Ravenwood Masquerade event, a mystery centered around the locals of the fictional town of Bloodworth Falls. This event took place at the House in the Woods and required that all participants wear masks. The event began with an introductory period where attendees were given the...

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A picture worth 200 years

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In just over a year, Maryville College will celebrate its 200 year history of ambitious social progress, bold educational advancements and ardent spiritual beginnings. This bicentennial milestone merits recognition, fanfare and even an iconic symbol representative of Maryville’s great legacy. The bicentennial logo, created by the Visual Voice design firm, attempts to combine important aspects of Maryville College in an austere, clever image. Even the tag line which is “Noble, Grand and True” is taken from the 119-year-old Alma Mater. “It’s impossible to summarize 200 years of history and impact in a logo and tagline, but I think we came pretty darn close,” said Karen Eldridge, the Maryville college alumna who spearheaded the creative project. The logo itself is inspired by the preexisting “corporate” logo which includes a minimalistic image of Anderson Hall but incorporates the dates of Maryville’s...

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Meet the editors: Allison Franklin

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I feel it is a rarity that a reporter gets to enjoy his time with the person he is interviewing for an article. Such was the case with my interview with Allison Franklin, a senior here at Maryville College, and Editor-in-Chief of the Highland Echo newspaper. Allison hails from the quiet town of Rogersville, TN, which is where she spent all her childhood. “It is a beautiful place,” said Allison of her home town. “When I was growing up, I really liked it. I never thought I’d want to live anywhere else. It wasn’t until I came to college that I really realized how small it was, but that is part of the charm. I just love the historical aspect of the town.” Allison is pursuing her degree in History with a minor in Writing Communications here at Maryville...

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