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The Elusive George Orwell

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January 21 marked the 68th anniversary of the passing of Eric Blair, known to the world by his pseudonym, George Orwell. Orwell was catapulted into the forefront of the English literary scene in the mid-1940s when he published the novella “Animal Farm,” an allegorical retelling of the Stalinist takeover of communist experiment in Russia. Later, in his full-length novel, “1984,” Orwell would establish his dominance as a masterful voice in postwar English literature, bringing into the English lexicon a new vocabulary for the dystopian novel. Within six months of the publication of “1984,” Orwell was dead. Since his death, Orwell has become something of a lionized and untamable figure, always eluding his would-be ideological captors. The Right praises him for his trenchant criticisms of the Soviet Union and Communism, the Left loves him for his avowed and unapologetic socialism....

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Students Abroad

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The gleeful, unending screeching of the roosters woke me. Our first night in our second location otherwise went well, and our hosts have been extremely gracious. Myself and 11 other students are here in the Dominican Republic for two weeks to take part in a World Cultures class. We landed in the country on the Jan. 10, and we’ll be head home on Jan. 24. So far, at least, the trip has definitely been an adventure. We got lost in the jungle on our first night here. The driver got turned around, and by the time we figured out where in Samana we were staying, it was 4 a.m. Our group was split into two at our first location. The girls stayed with Dr. Frances Henderson, Associate Professor of Political Science, at a huge white house by the ocean,...

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A Wall of Hope

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    East Tennessee children’s hospital has commissioned Maryville College’s own professor of art, Dr. Carl Gombert, for the addition of a mural to its already diverse collection of art. The unnamed piece is in the final stages of creation, and its expected completion has stirred anticipation within the MC community and hospital residents alike. Gombert is well known on campus as “the really chill hippie looking professor,” and is well regarded within the Knoxville art community as an artist of extreme skill and whimsical design. While incredibly well versed in realism, Gombert prefers creating more decorative and hard-to-define pieces. “These are much more fun,” he said.   “More is more,” said Gombert, the self-proclaimed maximalist. It’s a style so unique and unmistakable that it can only be described as “Gombertian.” In terms of inspiration, Gombert is influenced by biology,...

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J-term: Winter Photography

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Maryville College hosts annual Robert Burns Dinner

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For several years our small campus and many others across the country with strong Scottish ties have held “Robert Burns Dinners”, or similar analogs. These “Robert Burns Dinners,” or “Burns Suppers” have been held since the 5th anniversary of Burns’ death and are generally held around his birthday on January 25. These dinners are steeped in tradition that dates back hundreds of years and are an integral facet of Scottish culture.  On January 22, after more than a month of planning, the Student Programming Board (SPB) held our college’s annual “Robert Burns Dinner” in the Clayton Center for The Arts. The dinner is in remembrance of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, who lived in Dumfries, United Kingdom, from 1759 to 1796 and wrote well over 200 songs and sonnets. Each year, the dinner features a traditional Scottish meal, which...

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