Lady business: Let it out

There is nothing that I like more than a good feminist rant. Genuinely, I like a decent feminist rant more than snow days and online shopping and really strong coffee. I might like them more than I like my own family, and we’re pretty tight.

While I think that the stereotype of the angry feminist is inherently harmful, I am going to be real here: sometimes it is hard not to be angry. A lot of terrible things happen in the world every day, especially to women, and you cannot just tune them out. You can’t always do much to fix them either. In the event of a pileup of feelings, though, there is a solution: let it out.

If you haven’t felt the satisfaction of building up your frustration and just aggressively letting go of it by yelling about reproductive rights or posting six paragraph long Facebook statuses about rape culture, then either A) you do not get angry at the same things that I do or B) you have been holding it in for too long.

Stop holding it in. Get angry. Tweet so many times that you can watch your follower count drop every time you refresh. Finally stand up to that person in your class who somehow manages to offend most marginalized groups every time they open their mouth. You know that person. Don’t be that person. Be the person who takes them down with righteous anger and thoughtful commentary.

There are always going to be people who are annoyed by you taking time out of your day to express your feelings, especially in a public forum. They are going to judge you for the amount of exclamation marks you use or your excessively violent hand motions.

“Does this person even know how to turn off caps lock?” they’ll ponder, rolling their eyes before going back to doing their homework or comparing affordable auto insurance rates or whatever it is that boring people do in their spare time.

These are the same people that hate your amazing, perfect selfies. They are not worth your angst, so do not even consider them when you roll out of bed one morning and pen a hateful Tumblr post about everything that John Boehner chooses to be. After all, until you gain political clout and permanent residency in Ohio in order to successfully run against him, there is not much else you can do. In the event of apparent powerlessness in any situation, I urge you to feel free to turn to the art of ranting as a means of survival.

Rants are free, easy, and you can pull them out at any time. I recommend when you are reading YouTube comments at 3 a.m. or at your next family dinner, but feel free to keep them in your back pocket for the next party you attend, too.

They don’t even have to be feminist rants. While I obviously prefer those, taking a deep breath and launching into a long screed on whatever is bothering you at the moment is catharsis at its finest. Anger is actually a really healthy emotion, but not if you keep it boiling at the surface, sure that nobody actually cares about your feelings on the latest horrifying anti-abortion bill or whatever else is making you grit your teeth. I promise somebody out there cares about those feelings. They are probably feelings that those people are also feeling, and sometimes it’s just nice to see that there are people in the same boat.

Besides, if your friends aren’t willing to listen to you angrily and one-sidedly discuss how problematic the song “Blurred Lines” and its success is, do you really want to be friends with them? I don’t think so. That is a rule to live by.

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