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Best season yet: softball winning streak continued. . .

Posted by on Apr 18, 2018 in Feature Slider, Sports | 0 comments

A great season for the Scots Softball team ended in an award winning week for sophomore player Morgan Brewer. Already the USA South Player of the Year, Brewer was also awarded Player of the Week the week of April 7. This season has been one of the best for the Scots. Through winning game after game, the Scots have shown their passion for the field and for playing as a team this season. On April 6, the Scots advanced on past Wesleyan Ga. to the quarterfinals of the USA South Athletic Conference tournament. The Scots only need two more wins to tie the school record for wins. The last record was set in 2003 as 28-10. Their current  26-11 record ranks tied as the third-most victories in school history, as they surpassed 2015-16’s 25-win mark. MC then looked on...

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Legacy of learning: saying goodbye to Terry Simpson

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Maryville College recently celebrated the retirement of one of its most valued staff members. Dr. Terry Simpson, Director of Teacher Education and Professor of Secondary Education, is leaving the College after 27 years of learnedly inspiring students and faculty alike. While surely looking forward to a relaxing retirement of well-deserved rest, the shrewd professor refused to leave his post without giving one last lecture. ———— This lecture, taking place during his very own farewell ceremony on Thursday, April 12, covered topics ranging from how to deal with an angry bull to gun control in the United States. It addressed the significance of childhood, the importance of professionalism, the joys of gardening, the achievement of religious freedom, but most importantly, it addressed the values of learning and education. To Simpson, an education is not something you do just to get...

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Meet the Editors: Destiny Ditmore

Posted by on Mar 28, 2018 in Feature Slider, Features, Perspectives | 0 comments

The “Highland Echo” only takes the finest in terms of quality for its staff, and our Photography Editor, Destiny Ditmore, is no exception. Ditmore hails from a small and picturesque town of Knoxville. “I’ve pretty much always grown up in this area,” she said. “I chose to come to Maryville College because my family moved out towards Lenoir City. I wanted to be closer to the mountains too.” Her job as the Photography Editor is one that requires skills in both the fields of photography and teaching the craft to writers who may not have experience with advanced cameras. “My job consists of editing pictures, distributing cameras to writers, making sure they know how to use the camera and making sure they post their photos and captions online.” As a fellow editor, I’ll confess that editing photos is beyond...

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Scots in Washington trip brought professional development and eye-opening opportunities

Posted by on Mar 28, 2018 in Feature Slider, Perspectives | 0 comments

Professional development, hearing the passionate and angry voices of our nation’s youth, and getting both lost and found on the Metro all encompassed a busy and enlightening trip in Washington, D.C. this weekend. For the four students in the Scots in Washington program, the quick weekend trip to D.C. was busy and showed the realities of living in the nation’s capital. Scots in Washington is a brand new sector of the already existing MC in D.C. group. MC in D.C. is a group of alumni from Maryville College who have stayed connected through a Facebook page. Hailing from many different graduating classes, the alumni range from those who have graduated over a decade ago and those who are just finishing their first year of graduate school. Of the many members of MC in D.C., the three who helped make...

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Upcoming artist in residence: Chris Barnard

Posted by on Mar 28, 2018 in Arts/Entertainment, Feature Slider | 0 comments

Coming soon, creator Chris Barnard will be joining us as our annual artist in residence for a week. From April 23 to 26, there will be opportunities abounding to interact with Barnard as he works with a number of our students to create collaborative pieces ranging from portraits to collages. After speaking with Carl Gombert, Professor of Art at MC, it seems that Barnard hopes to focus on complicated race relations from the past, present and future that exist in east Tennessee Barnard himself is an artist and professor at Connecticut College who creates paintings that deal with political constructs or many of the complicated relationships that exist within society.  Whether it’s idealist depictions of landscape encompassed with underlying, contradictory American ideas, or spaces that also represent current social issues, Barnard’s works are truly thought-provoking while remaining visually captivating....

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Celebrating Black History month with X-Night

Posted by on Mar 7, 2018 in Arts/Entertainment, Feature Slider | 0 comments

waited to hear some amazing poetry. On the evening of February 21 the X-night — formerly known as poetry night — took place as part of the celebration of Black History Month. This was only one of many events in February for Black History Month, each celebrating the diversity and inclusivity at our school.   X-Night, formerly known as poetry night, was given a name change in honor of Xavier Sales, a Maryville College student who passed away suddenly on May 8, 2017. Xavier was a senior in the year of his passing, and the loss was a large blow to many fellow students and faculty members. He was a bright presence on campus, and all who knew him were pulled in by his warm spirit and energetic personality. The re-naming of this event, along with other tributes around...

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