MC Frisbee team wins B pool championship

Better practice conditions could have contributed to the MC ultimate Frisbee team's success. Practicing with huge rocks littering their field, the team would have to stay vigilant to keep from tripping. However, the Maryville College grounds crew removed the rocks, leaving the practice field a better place to play and helping the squad bring home its first championship. This is the photo the team took to show its appreciation to the crew. Photo by Marcell Fischer

Seven-hour bus rides, busted lips, persistent gnats, cold rain, strong winds, shady hotel rooms, cockroaches, fierce competition and bug bites—despite unforeseen odds, the Maryville College frisbee team came out on top as champions in last weekend’s La Cucaracha Frisbee tournament in Bluffton, S.C … well, at least champions of the B Pool.

Now this may not seem like a whole lot at first, but considering how unorganized we are collectively as a team, there’s a lot to be proud of in this.

The ultimate frisbee team is still pretty young at Maryville, with our predecessors having left fairly large shoes to fill. The majority of our team is seniors, a close-knit group which has played together since freshmen year.

After the seniors who coached us freshmen year graduated, it took two years of scrambling to get back to regular practices and scheduled tournaments.

La Cucaracha was our second tournament this year, after last fall’s tournament in Spartanburg, S.C., where our team did not place.

Weather conditions started out great on Saturday, with sunny skies and 70-degree weather, but soon turned to rain for our third and fourth games. Only winning one game out of the four close games played on Saturday, our team was unsure of how high we’d ranked in the B Pool.

However, that night, we discovered we were the highest-ranked of the six teams in the B Pool, with the upper eight teams placed in the A Pool.

On Sunday, we were able to win both games to become the B Pool champions.

Our final tournament of the year will be the Kentucky Classic in Louisville, Ky., on April 7-8.

A special thanks to our very patient advisor, Adam Garrison, and to Tyga, for his influential song “Rack City,” which kept us going when the going got tough.

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