A look at some Maryville College students’ favorite fall views of 2020

Junior, Brittany Barthelmess captures the beautiful fallen leaves next to Wolfeboro Bay in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.
Photo courtesy of Brittany Barthelmess.
 Brittany Barthelmess’s dogs, Gracie and Gwen relax on a fall-time boat ride in Lake Winnipesaukee. 
Photo courtesy of Brittany Barthelmess.
Senior Elea Forester joined in on the post-election hike to Spruce Flats Falls led by faculty member Ryan Indelicato.  
Photo Courtesy of Elea Forester.
Alum Cave Trail, the steepest route to Mount LeConte, was a small price to pay for
Elly Jackson and Hayley Harman to admire the views along the way. 
Photo Courtesy of Elly Jackson.
 Highland Echo’s Mascot, Maggie, Takes a break in front of the Middle Prong of the Little River while walking along
Tremont Road in the Smokies with owner Professor Kim Trevathan. 
Photo courtesy of Kim Trevathan.
Freshmen, Molly Burk and Josue Monroy adventure to their Maple Lanes Farm for their first fall adventure in Maryville, TN. 
Photo Courtesy of Molly Burk.
 Susannah Wilson got a last glance at the sunflowers on Oaks Farm before the petals fall along with the leaves. 
Photo Courtesy of Susannah Wilson.

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