Alcohol policy continues to be re-evaluated


The SLC met Sept. 25 in order to review the changes proposed by SGA to the existing alcohol policies on Maryville College campus. The intention of the assembly was to make sense of the existing policy before moving onto explain the changes being deliberated.

Vandy Kemp, dean of students, said that she was surprised that it took this long for the needed change to be brought to the table.

“We need to take our time on this and do it right,” Kemp said. “Everything is very confusing about the policy in place right now and we need to make sure and adhere to procedure so this is done right.”
SGA vice president Paul Earheart-Brown said that new changes would mean that if, after the first non-consumption violation, a student remains violation free for 365 days, the offense would be disregarded if his or her first, original offense was, indeed, a non-consumption violation.

“As it stands right now, if a student has a violation in their freshman year, there is no redemption for that student,” Earheart-Brown said. “As their classmates move on to sophomore, junior and senior residence halls, that student will stay behind in a freshman hall. We feel that this is inadequate.”

Jacob Timmie, junior class president, researched other policies at similar private colleges. After speaking to students on campus, Timmie said that many were dissatisfied with the current policy because they receive the same penalties for drinking or being in the presence of alcohol. To clear up confusion about future policy changes, each residence hall would have the policy published and displayed in the building.

“The major difference in the proposed policy is that if you are caught drinking or not drinking for that matter, your penalty would depend on where you are in the flow chart that would be displayed at each residence hall,” Timmie said.

Allison Norris, the assistant dean of students, agreed that a change is needed within the policy.
“Not to say a change doesn’t need to be made, but, just so I am clear, I don’t think that taking suspension off the table entirely is a good solution,” Norris said.

Ultimately, President Bogart has been made aware that changes to this policy are coming. The board meeting in October will cover the progress of the changes being proposed.

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